The Stone (2010) Review

The Stone (2010) Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about witchcraft.  When The Stone starts up, we have comments from doctors and authors explaining the mystical powers behind the use of stones in witchcraft.  Even after that I couldn’t help but scratch my head throughout this movie.

The Stone is a Gothic horror film about a group of paranormal seekers who venture out to the most haunted castle in Britain to try and talk to spirits.  When they get there they meet the local satanist cult who is none too happy to have new people on there turf.  Then things go from strange to weird when they find a stone buried with a body under the floorboards where the cult held there ceremony.  From there the strange dreams begin, and the seekers find a little more paranormal activity then they signed up for.

I must say, The Stone is a beautifully shot movie.  The location, supposedly the actual haunted castle of Lord Byron, is fantastic for the atmosphere and plot of the story.  Check out the special features for some of the real life paranormal occurrences during the shoot, quite interesting.  The cinematography is spot on, with some beautiful shots and use of color.  The actors also do a very good job with the material.  Also once the stone is found, things pick up real quick and never slow down until the final credits.

All that aside, I’m not sure how much I liked the movie.  I couldn’t help but feel slightly bored during much of the first half of the movie.  There are also a handful of musical interludes that feel more like this was a music video shoot then a movie shoot.  From my understanding a lot of the actors are musicians so it seems like this is a way to advertise there talents.  All of that is fine, but I feel like it takes away from the overall product.

Perhaps it was my lack of knowledge about witchcraft.  Perhaps it was that since the film is released by Reality Entertainment and starts off with the experts explaining some of the dangers of messing with stones, I thought this was gonna be a documentary.  Whatever it was the movie never clicked with me.  However, it is a beautiful indie film and definitely worth a look.

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