Nina: Crazy Suicide Girl (2012) Review

Nina: Crazy Suicide Girl (2012) Review

From the splatter-ific shores of Italy comes the newest release from Chemical Burn Entertainment, Nina: Crazy Suicide Girl.  As much as I love Italian horror cinema from the glory days, I must admit I have not kept up on any current movies so let’s see what director Christian Arioli has up his sleeve.

Nina is a bounty hunter.  She’s been hired by her friend Andrea to help find his missing cousin Anna.  One quick look around her bedroom, and they see that Anna’s been doing a little porn on the side for Xtasy Video.  Since this is out of the ordinary for Anna, they head off to see if Xtasy would have anything to do with her disappearance.  Nina poses as an aspiring actress for their company so that she can dig for dirt.  Meanwhile, Andrea talks to the Private Investigator who was originally on the case, but has since given up.  Turns out there are a number of missing women in the area, all of which happened to make “films” for Xtasy.  An obvious double cross later, and we find out that not only are the women being used as sex slaves in these movies, but are also being sacrificed ritualistically to a Pagan cult!

Nina: Crazy Suicide Girl has a definite old school exploitation feel to it, which is my absolute favorite genre.  Filled with all the blood, guts, torture, cult ceremonies, and nudity (both male and female I might add) that we’ve all come to love.  That is why it is sad for me to say that the movie is only okay.  Yes there are a lot of good things involved, but the mystery surrounding Anna’s disappearance is totally wasted.  Every minor mystery or obstacle Nina and Andrea come upon is resolved almost immediately, which makes their journey quite the bore.  Toss in the fact that Nina doesn’t really get that “crazy” until the very end, and even then she was a little underwhelming.

Shot entirely in Italy, the movie looks very well for the minuscule budget it had.  The exterior shots are as gorgeous as ever.  Most of the effects are above average for this style movie, however there are a few bad CGI effects.  The acting also seemed above average, however it’s always a little tough to judge when not speaking my native language.  Yes, for those of you sticklers to subtitles (and shame on you) Nina is in Italian only so no poor dubbing to make fun of.

It’s kind of a tough call on Nina: Crazy Suicide Girl.  Nina herself is a little disappointing, and the main storyline doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but I love me some exploitation fun and this does have that.  I’d say it’s definitely worth a watch.  Look for it June 26th on DVD from Chemical Burn.

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