Nightbreed Uncut

Nightbreed Uncut

Nightbreed Screener PosterI remember being just a kid when I first saw Clive Barker’s Nightbreed.  It was a movie that did not make lick of sense to me.  As confused as I was by this movie (why was Mac Tonight making an appearance?), I was totally enthralled with the the creatures and make-up effects.

Nightbreed is based of the Clive Barker novel Cabal.  The story centers around a disturbed man who had been framed for some murders and enters a fantastical world of violence full of odd creatures.  He then turns into a monster himself  and seeks revenge on the psychotherapist who framed him for the murders.

The folks at Shock Till You Drop announced last month that a 145 minute cut of the film with allegedly missing footage had been found.  The film is to make it’s debut screening at Horrorhound at the end of this month.  Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the print got the proper restoration that it deserves and that it will make it’s way to a special edition DVD and Blu-Ray.

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  1. Is that game from SNES??

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