The Night He Came Home…Again: Halloween Hits 35 On Blu-Ray!

The Night He Came Home…Again: Halloween Hits 35 On Blu-Ray!

Halloween-586x350Michael Myers has been terrorizing his sister for the entirety of my life.  The sleepover staple, the cornerstone of it’s holiday namesake, the iconic “faceless” mask,  THE piano riff…Halloween is the whole kitten kaboodle.  While my loyalty to this franchise doesn’t extend beyond its fourth installment, I will always profess my love for the importance of this singular American horror classic.  John Carpenter’s film set a standard that hundreds of films tried to reach for years to come.  It’s an apex rarely achieved.  Quite simply, Halloween is fucking important.

We now find ourselves 35 years after the movie’s release and it’s no less the juggernaut it was all those years back (0r, let’s be honest, 10 years ago when we did the 25th anniversary edition).  New generations are discovering this movie via a variety of outlets.  For some, it’s hearing the tales of its legend.  For others, it’s the Rob Zombie installment.  Nearing the 40 year mark earns a movie the right to a beautiful Blu-Ray release…and it’s got one.

If you think I’m going to review Halloween, you’re fuckin’ high.  What am I going to say that hasn’t been said endlessly?  There’s no sense in rehashing.  Instead, I am here to report to you that you’re sense of guilt over purchasing another copy of Halloween can be put to ease.  Anchor Bay has done wonders with the property over the years.  That tradition continues with this HD transfer (supervised by cinematographer Dean Cundey).  I’m not a super technical guy in terms of being able to point out whether a movie looks better or shitty, but Halloween comes with a visibly distinct improvement.  It looks clean and bold.  This rejuvenation seems to be tailor made for the Halloween faithfuls.  In addition to a fantastic print of the movie, the disc is loaded with plenty of extras.  Director Carpenter and his leading lady, Jamie Lee Curtis, add a commentary to the impressive package.  Though one of the features included is a 25th anniversary piece, there’s some brand spankin’ new action by the way of the new featurette, The Night She Came Home.  I’d assume you know who that’s about.  Don’t forget your TV spots, trailers, and other usual suspects.  All of this is bundled up in one of the cooler packages I’ve seen in quite sometime.  Halloween is making good on its 35 years in the horror business.

youngmichaelThe Halloween hardcores are on this like flies on shit.  I don’t need to preach to the converts.  For those of you horror fans who are hesitant to make the leap on ALL your movies, I would say this:  First, I understand.  I get “the look” from my wife when I’m re-buying shit.  Whether it’s DVD to Blu or buying the same album on vinyl and on iTunes, I’ve been there.  You hit the point where you don’t want to do it anymore.  Do you need to see every featurette ever made, all of that…I am with you.  The double-dipping is a major annoyance for collectors of all kinds.  I’d read an interview with Lemmy a while back where he had encouraged Motorhead fans to not worry about buying all the reissues because the actual band had nothing to do with them.  So, that sentiment obviously extends to the artists themselves.  Halloween on Blu-Ray is the goods.  Anchor Bay partnered with the folks involved with the movie, and again, handle the property with class.  If you’re on the fence, get off of it and go pick this up.

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