Exclusive: Henrique Couto Announces His Next Project: SCAREWAVES!!!!

Exclusive:  Henrique Couto Announces His Next Project: SCAREWAVES!!!!

scarewavesDirector Henrique Couto has been on a prolific warpath as of the last few years.  He’s released movie after movie, all with impressive results.  Last year’s Babysitter Massacre was SO good, we chose it as our favorite film of 2013.  Mere days after the unveiling of his next feature (copies were on sale to the lucky attendees of Cinema Wasteland), Haunted House On Sorority Row (available on DVD from Alternative Cinema this summer!), Couto has announced his next project RIGHT HERE AT THE BLOOD SPRAYER!!!!

SCAREWAVES (which will come to us courtesy of the lovely people at Alternative Cinema) will be the name of Couto’s newest project.  The film will be an anthology akin to Creepshow.  Couto says this will be his love letter to EC Comics and will include “ghosts, ghouls, zombies & demons”. In addition to Couto writing a segment of the film (as well as the hosts pieces that run throughout), John Oak Dalton (Haunted House On Sorority Row) has returned to contribute a segment to SCAREWAVES.   I literally just spoke with Henrique who was nice enough to unveil this news here.  I fired some questions at him.  I wanted to get as many details as possible, bearing in mind that the film is in its earliest stages.  Here are some of the exciting bits of news for the upcoming SCAREWAVES:

 Scarewaves is about a paranormal radio shock jock named Amos Satan who, on the last night of his broadcast, decides to share with his audience the scariest true stories he’s heard in his years in radio. The stories areWorth the Wait – A young woman tries to stay sane as she waits for her lover to return with a fortune he stole from the woman he murdered.
Office Case – A former police officer takes a job as a night watchmen only to be haunted by all the lives he ruined while in the line of duty.
Painting After Midnight – An artist goes to devilish length to create paintings to die for…
Fair Scare – Bank robbers decide to commit a terrible act in the name of splitting their loot only two ways…

 I am very excited to say this film brings two newcomers along for the ride. John Oak Dalton and I are writing two segments along with the very talented Ira Gansler and Jeremy Biltz who will each be contributing a story of their very own. Filming will begin in just over a month’s time, we are currently nailing down cast and schedules. Expect this film on shelves faster than you can shake a stick!  We just cast Amos Satan, the host of the anthology, with the very talented John Bradley Hambrick. We will also be seeing the return of  Haley Jay Madison, Erin R. Ryan and Joni Durian, just to name a few. Anyone interested in be a part of Scarewaves that is near the Dayton Ohio area can add us on Facebook and be kept up to date on the developments, https://www.facebook.com/scarewavesfilm.

Of course, we will keep you posted on SCAREWAVES as we receive new information.  In addition, keep an eye out for an upcoming episode of The Blood Sprayer Podcast where we sat down with Henrique Couto to discuss his film career, life, and everything in between.  It’s a great episode that you’re sure to enjoy.

For information on how to purchase Henrique Couto’s films, visit his Store Envy site and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HORROR!!!!

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