Channel Surfing: Investigation Discovery

Channel Surfing: Investigation Discovery

People like to complain about the level of crap on television nowadays. I can’t say I blame them. Reality television used to mean tuning into Robert Stack to scare your bladder loose with Unsolved Mysteries or John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted begging you to reexamine your neighbor who may or may not be the serial killer they’re looking for tonight. I’m always a sucker for “dramatized re-enactments” as a crime is reconstructed in attempts to make an audience eye witnesses to a crime. Now it’s nothing but fabricated realities without any of the foresight of imagination or the benefit of learning anything new. It’s a flashy box with glittery paper and a big bow with nothing inside it. Investigative journalism has become a lost art and if you’re a fan of documentary style programming and true crime, you’ve been forced to dig deeper for that fix.

There’s a new Fall line-up from Investigation Discovery, a more sensational side of Discovery Channel’s usual nature oriented programming. If you’re looking for your filling of serial killers and assassinations, missing persons, shocking crime, all done with a real world CSI spin, then this could be the network for you. Consider it like pulp crime novels for a new millennium. Don’t believe me, then you probably missed Blood Sprayer’s own BJ dropping the science on you earlier.

We have a sneak peek at some upcoming episodes. The new programming coming to Investigation Discovery includes:


– September 22nd:
Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?: The Man With Two Names
After 12 years of marriage, Kathi’s life was turned upside down as she and the Sheriff’s department embarked on an investigation that began with uncovering here husband Steve’s true identity. They would soon unravel the web of lies he so artfully spun as they began to put together the pieces of his dark story of false identity, theft and even murder. 

– September 22nd:
Very Bad Men: The High Rolling Reverend
A charismatic Reverend shears more than nine million dollars from his flock of 1,600 churches.

– September 23rd:
Deadly Women: The Sacred Bond
Women who kill husbands, lovers, rivals and parents will shock society. But a very special horror is reserved for the women who will kill their own, breaking the sacred bond between mother and child.

– September 24th:
Twisted: Ivan Milat
The Back Pack Killer, Ivan Milat, is known for murdering seven hitchhiking backpackers between 1989 and 1992. Many questions remain unanswered and there is uncertainty about the full extent of Ivan Milat’s crimes.

– October 4th:
Disappeared, Season 2 Premiere
Disappeared follows the unpredictable twists of missing person cases, tracking investigations aimed at solving how and why people simply vanish.

– October 8th:
Final Judgment
The world TV premiere of Roger Weisberg and Vanessa Roth’s riveting film No Tomorrow, which explores the role of media in the criminal justice system and provides a contemporary commentary on the use of the death penalty in the United States, one of the only developed nations still to use capital punishment.

– October 11th:
Hardcover Mysteries
Each episode of Hardcover Mysteries pairs an author with an incredible real-life case close to their heart, whether it inspired one of their own creations, mirrors the themes presented in their bestsellers or resonates with their personal life story. 

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  1. Ashamed to admit it, but I catch myself watching ID for hours in a row late at night about once every four months…I’m a sucker for true crime! And yet sometimes ID is hardly better than Lifetime original pictures. Haha.

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