Channel Surfing: INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY (Revisited)

Channel Surfing: INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY (Revisited)

Investigation Discovery has some seriously interesting programming coming your way.

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The haunting case of the disappearance of 17 year-old Brittanee Drexel was the season 2 premiere of Disappeared.

Against her parents’ wishes, Brittanee slipped off to Myrtle Beach during her spring break vacation, and goes missing the night before she’s supposed to return home to New York. And when police track down her cell phone to an isolated rural area known for alligators and swamps, her family fears the worst.

If you need resources involving a missing person click here for further information.

More Original Programming to come includes:

10/6 – Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?: Caught in the Crosshairs (the story of the DC Sniper) – 10 pm ET

When 23-year-old Mildred Wilson first met John Williams, she knew right away that he was too charming to ignore. Before long, after winning the hearts of both Mildred and her mother, she became Mrs. John Williams. But Mildred could not have predicted what was in store for her next. After a stint in the Gulf War, John’s tender, loving and affectionate manner turned cold and distant. He changed his religion and last name, and he began a cycle of emotional abuse against Mildred. He transformed into a completely different person that Mildred no longer recognized. Eventually, he threatened her life, kidnapped her children, and brought an entire city to its knees. He would forever be known as the DC Sniper.

Click here for Episode Teaser.

10/7 – Deadly Women: In Cold Blood – 9 pm ET

The heaviest judgments on convicted killers are reserved for those who premeditate murder. These women plot and plan, and they think about their victim. Wendi Davidson, Anu Singh, and Lynn Turner know the consequences of their actions, they know that death is permanent, but still they go forward to kill.

10/7 – Wicked Attraction: Crossing the Line – 10 pm ET

When a mutilated torso is discovered buried on a farm in 2001, local authorities wonder if they might have a vicious killer among them. But in a neighboring state, detectives stumble upon the horrific story of forbidden love filled with seduction, betrayal, murder and an evil couple determined to let no one come between them. After intense investigative work, authorities are able to link the couple to the murder at the farm.

10/8 – Final Judgment (ID Films) – 10 pm ET

Roger Weisberg and Vanessa Roth’s riveting film, No Tomorrow, makes its world television debut on ID under the title FINAL JUDGMENT. Exploring the role of media in the criminal justice system, this documentary provides commentary on the use of the death penalty. In 2005, Weisberg and Roth created Aging Out, which explored what happens to teenagers after leaving the foster care system. Tragically, it also became a chronicle of the last year of the life of one of its central characters, Risa Bejarano, who was murdered shortly after the film was released. This follow-up film looks at how the original documentary unexpectedly became the centerpiece of a dramatic trial in Judge Lance Ito’s courtroom that would determine whether the alleged killer would live or die.

Click here for the Film Trailer.

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