American Zombie – (LeeLee Films)

American Zombie – (LeeLee Films)

“We’re here, we’re dead, get used to it!”  This mockumentary follows writer/director,  John Solomon,  and award winning film maker, Grace Lee, as they set-out to film a documentary on zombies living in Los Angelas and their struggle for equality.  They follow 4 (high functioning) zombies in particular as they tell their story and explain the daily struggles they have to overcome being a zombies in today’s society.

The story told out in this film is almost completely character driven as you enter the everyday lives of these four zombies.  Some of the characters you meet along the way are great. One in particular that stood out to me was, The Private Investigator who tracks down zombies and returns them to their families for a living because when a person is “reanimated” they forget their past and are all in search of who they were before they became zombies.  The film is riddled with dry, dark humor and awkwardness, which makes for surprisingly funny situations.

Meet The Zombies


Ivan works as a night shift convenient store clerk. He’s currently working on issue 3 of his self-made ‘zine called American Zombie, which he runs copies of at work on the photocopier in the corner. Ivan lives in a small apartment with another zombie, Glen, and a human. He enjoys skateboarding and his human girlfriend, and is really looking forward to going to Living Dead, the biggest zombie get together of the year.


Judy is a vegan in denial of being a zombie. She spends her time worm composting, scrap booking, collecting cat figurines, gardening, and looking for Mr. Right. She works for a health food company who makes vegan energy bars and energy drinks for the health conscious active family. Judy hopes to eventually accept herself for being a zombie, but for now is fine living her life as a regular person.


Lisa works a florist specializing in flower arrangements for funerals. She is much like a hippie and does not condone the practices of western medicine. She Enjoys creating representational string art which reflects her struggle of being a zombie in a human world. She is currently in therapy to deal with her unhappiness but feels she is getting better. She practices a type of Feng Shui and enjoys relaxing things such as relaxation teas, art, and yoga. Lisa is determined to find out how she died and who she was before she was murdered.


Joel is a political activist and the leader of ZAG (Zombie Advocacy Group), which fights for inequalities in the zombie community. He enjoys playing guitar, reading, and marching in protests. He created the zombies in the workforce movement which helps zombies find jobs. His personal goals are equal rights for zombies, including health care, voting privileges, and protection from hate-crimes. He coined the phrase “We’re here, we’re dead, get used to it!”

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Author's Quick Review
American Zombie is an awkwardly funny, yet brilliantly clever mockumentary on the struggles of being a zombie in a human world. It is an easy watch with some really funny characters and definitely worth seeing.

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