Evil Dead 4 Rumored A Go, Perhaps A Remake? (UPDATED)

Evil Dead 4 Rumored A Go, Perhaps A Remake? (UPDATED)

Rumors of Evil Dead 4 are a lot like herpes, as soon as you think they’re gone they flair right back up! I personally assumed once Drag Me To Hell was released that all this would pass. But overnight things kicked back into high gear, this time with a potential twist to make this rumor quite possibly true.

Let’s start with over the weekend. According to Bruce-Campbell.com the one and only finally joined twitter on 7/7 as @groovybruce. Yesterday, the fine folks at DreadCentral.com posted a juicy tidbit from a “very reliable source” that Sam Raimi’s longtime editor Bob Murawski is in Detroit to start work on Evil Dead 4 and that it will be “a small indie thing like the first two”.

So I start looking into Sam Raimi’s summer schedule, and according to CBSDetroit he’s supposed to begin filming his next major motion picture, Oz: The Great And Powerful for Disney in Detroit this summer, with a March 2013 release date planned. So that tells me that Mr. Raimi has come home to Michigan as well. Could he possibly be working on a “small indie” project on the side, or perhaps once major work is done with Oz? He has almost 20 months before release date after all.

Then overnight the twitter world joined in when a fan named @TheMike31 asked The Bruce “I won’t believe in anew Evil Dead until I see it. Or at least not until @groovybruce tells me to believe in it.” Within the hour @groovybruce responded,” Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.” As far as I know, this is the first time Bruce has ever made a comment that actually made it sound like this movie was actually a possible reality. Keep in mind, @groovybruce is an unverified twitter account still, and it’s not like these things haven’t been hacked before, but I want to remain optimistic.

So that’s what I’ve found so far. What do you think? Any chances this movie actually comes out in our lifetimes, or is this just another flaired up rumor?

UPDATE:  BloodyDisgusting.com is reporting that the Evil Dead is returning as a quasi-remake through Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, but will be directed by Fede Alvarez (Fredrico Alvarez).  Raimi will be producing the new film, no word yet on if Bruce Campbell will be involved.  Below you can see the short film Panic Attack by Alvarez that helped get him noticed.  Personally, it’s better than any Transformers movie I’ve seen from Michael Bay.


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