Another self-congratulating letter from the editor…

Another self-congratulating letter from the editor…

As I see our little website growing day by day, I can’t help but get a little bit emotionally worked up.  I mean, shit, do you as the reader realize that our fantastic writers are doing this out of love for the genre and (for now) without compensation?!  Yes, we’re all crazy…but we love horror and we love talking about it, consuming it, getting infuriated when someone doesn’t get it right, etc.  We’re emotionally invested.

If you’ve been regularly hitting up the site, you’ve seen new names popping up constantly, and you’ve seen a couple names who started out, disappear. Well, they haven’t disappeared, they’re just getting ready to graduate college and head to Oxford for a grad school program.  But Dave will be back and will give us the intellectual’s perspective on avant garde filth cinema.  Justin’s column, entitled “Fucking Horror-ble”, has garnered quite a bit of attention. Mostly, because it envokes a bit of negativity.  This is the reason I asked Justin to write for the website.  I always joke with him, that he doesn’t like any movies (and he doesn’t, despite what he says!) but the fact is he DOES adore horror and cinema in general…he just has no taste for low budget film and that’s fine. We’ll leave that up to the rest of the writers and myself.  So, he serves the purpose of  checking out the studio releases and shitting on them, not that every studio film is garbage.  But their track record thus far for 2010 is not good and doesn’t look to be getting better (Nightmare on Elm St.?).

Kristy is our only lady, but she is a strong voice for the website.  She brought us Tom, Zach, and Bill to the staff.  She’s a horror jack-of-all-trades, who not only works for the fantastic Fright Rags t shirt company (seriously, these cats know how to make a proper horror shirt!), but is a DJ, and just all around champion of horror.  She’s got a great attitude and a love for what horror is about.  And speaking of those other New Yorkers, we’ll discuss them.  First, Bill came to us.  He’s just like all of us:  Loves schlock and sleaze, as evident in his reviews of films like Frankhooker and Frankenfish!!!  His writing appeals to me because he understands the value in the sleaziness.  Now Tom, is our resident novelist guy.  He reviews horror fiction literature and it’s a great area for him to discuss because he IS a great writer himself.  Tom will also be heading up our new section we’ll be intoducing-original fiction pieces.  Basically, we’re looking to see who’s trying on their best Barker, Braunbeck, or Ketchum and wants to share it with fellow lovers of horror.  It’s gonna be a fun and exciting addition to our expanding universe.  Zach is our newest addition who is an Ohio transplant to NY.  He’s only done 2 reviews but they were both hilarious and we expect to see lots more insanity from him in the future.  Welcome to the team Zach!

As for us Buckeye state guys, it goes like this.  First off, B.J. is one of the newest additions to the team and has already become a favorite with readers.  None of knew anything about video games, particularly horror video games, but we knew a guy who did.  B.J. is not only a fan of horror but an artist himself, and so he has an appreciation of the grotesque things that we find beautiful.  He’s a techy guy who love all the things I don’t get, so who better to cover that base for us?  Josh, or as you all know him, The Weblord, is the guy that made my vision come to life.  He’s a graphic designer and a fucking great one at that.  His love of horror made this project enticing and he keeps finding ways to make our site better, faster, stronger.  As of right now, we’ve got one of the cleanest, most efficient running sites on the web (in my humble opinion) thanks to his ability.  Jeb is our news guy and my right hand man.  The shitty task of trying to find all these little news blurbs and working them into readable pieces is a job I dumped on him, and he’s taken it on with an excitement that I didn’t think I’d see.  He and Josh are not just my bandmates, but they are 2 of my best friends, my brothers and the people I trust my life with.  It just so happens we all love horror so damn much that this venture is a labor of love.

You are gonna meet a new fella in the near future.  He’s our other bandmate and he’s also going to be joining the team.  He’ll be doing some behind the scenes stuff that will make us a force to reckoned with AND contributing to the site as well.

If the news, interviews, and posts have been any indication, we are very supportive at The Blood Sprayer of indie films/film makers.  We’re covering these guys because they deserve it-they are the ONLY people out there actually making the effort to do original stories and films.  Whether it’s Low Budget Pictures, Compound Pictures, Forbidden Pictures-whatever.  We want you guys to get behind what they do as well as companies that are like them.  WE want to give a voice to these true horror/weirdo film autuers and we intend to continue doing so.

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for all the support you’re giving our website.  On behalf of the staff here, I can’t thank you enough for regularly checking back with us.  The future is going to be bringing some fantastic things and some BIG events that we will be involved with.  One of the next things down the pike is Blood Sprayer t shirts that we want you guys to buy and wear with filthy pride.  There are going to be some upcoming contests, convention appearances, etc.  We plan on bringing the sleaze back with a vengeance and if it were not for the support we get from you, the readers, we would have no reason to do it.  We love you and are glad your’e along for the ride…

Stay Filthy-


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I'm the founder of this here site and a contributing writer. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the foundation of who I am as a horror lover but sleaze, exploitation, Italian film, and erotica from the golden age are my areas most widely researched. This is done with a great amount of vigor. When not assaulting my mind with film, I'm with my beautiful family or cheering on my beloved Baltimore Orioles.

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  1. movies are so gay.

  2. Something tells me another New Yorker is on his way over to Blood Sprayer, thanks to the wonderful Kristy Jett…


  3. You’re damn right he is. I just waiting to hear from you-I mean him…

  4. Something tells me another New Yorker is on his way over to Blood Sprayer, thanks to the wonderful Kristy Jett…


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