We Came, We Saw, We Brought The Filth- Famous Monsters Convention 2010

We Came, We Saw, We Brought The Filth- Famous Monsters Convention 2010

This past weekend the Famous Monsters of Filmland Convention descended upon the unsuspecting city of Indianapolis and The Blood Sprayer was there to witness the debauchery first hand!  The Wyndham Indianapolis-West Hotel played host to the Famous Monsters of Filmland’s first foray into the horror convention circuit which ran from Friday July 9th through Sunday the 11th and brought together hungry horror fans, celebrities, vendors, and indie film-makers.  Due to prior engagements at Blood Sprayer HQ, we were only able to grace the gathering with our presence on Friday, but we were still able to meet a lot of great people, catch up with the Low Budget Pictures crew (and hear about Meredith’s taxidermy collection), and spread the filth you have come to expect from this site.
The Blood Sprayer showed love to all of the independent film makers that attended which means you can expect a large amount of reviews in the coming weeks.  There were literally dozens of film makers eager to get their own personal brand of horror out to the world, and we will be giving you the low down on who are the ones making things happen and who should try harder. 
Without further or do, here are The Blood Sprayer’s Top 5 moments of Famous Monsters Con 2010:
5. The Mundane:  Seeing Tony “Candyman” Todd check into the hotel and hearing one desk clerk tell another confused desk clerk, “Good thing you didn’t say his name two more times.”
4. The Walking Dead:  No I am not referring to the reunions of “The Return of the Living Dead” or “Night of the Living Dead” or “Dawn” or “Day” that took place.  I am actually referring to a waxy looking William Forsythe that appeared to have just climbed out of a coffin after having his make-up applied by the mortuary cosmetologist.
3. The Neighborly:  Realizing cult horror distributor “Synapse Films”  is a hop, skip, and a jump from The Blood Sprayer HQ (so watch for an interview with Synapse on the state of indie horror distribution and a video tour of their offices/ warehouse.)
2. The Surreal:  Meeting Mike Teevee (actor Paris Themmen)  from the 1971 classic ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’…at a horror convention.  (Yes, he was a guest.  No, I don’t know why…but ‘Survivor’s’ Rupert was there too if that makes any more sense.  Didn’t think so.)
1. The Ironic:  Meeting the truly remarkable director Barbara Bell (director of ‘Graphic Sexual Horror.’)  During her discussion with The Blood Sprayer, she elaborated on the women she met and interviewed for her film and how they were willing to degrade and exploit themselves for the chance to have people see them and be the center of attention.  At that very instant, the Famous Monster’s “Beauty Contest” began and a line of girls were paraded around the convention floor by one of the show’s promoters with a bullhorn.  Classic stuff.
Check out the pictures and watch for more con info soon!

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  1. Ever notice that most kid horror movie stars turn out semi normal? I mean a bit more normal than the rest. Danielle Harris… so cool.

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