Voyage Of Agatis Gets A DVD Release From Massacre Video

Voyage Of Agatis Gets A DVD Release From Massacre Video

agatisThe creeps, weirdos & perverts at Massacre Video are on a hot streak as of late.  Consider that streak continued with their upcoming release of Voyage Of Agatis.  VOA is a German film with quite a reputation amongst the folks of the underground.  Thankfully, Massacre Video are the right kind of demon to handle a property such as this.  From where I’m sitting, we’re in store for a real treat! Here’s a little breakdown of what to expect:

Synopsis: A young girl accepts a mysterious offer from a couple she just met to sail the world on a yacht. She is innocent and nubile, even if she finds herself attracted to them, suspecting she might be in for something more than just a fun-filled adventure. What she doesn’t realize is that the “something more” will go a long way, as the man has a violent past… an extremely shocking, violent past!
Straight from the German underground, one of the most shocking and controversial films ever made finally arrives onto DVD. Massacre Video proudly presents Marian Dora’s ‘Voyage to Agatis,’ completely uncut and uncensored!
DVD Specifications
-Reversible Cover
-Rare On-Camera Interview with Director Marian Dora and Thomas Goersch
-4 Short Films by Marian Dora
-Stills Gallery
-Trailers for Upcoming Massacre Video Releases
PRE-ORDER DATE: 3/11/2014
STREET DATE: 4/8/2014
(VHS and Hardbox Editions will be available at a later date. Details coming soon.)

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