Low Budget Picture to Remake “Mulva:Zombie Ass-Kicker” For It’s 10th Anniversary-A Blood Sprayer Exclusive

Low Budget Picture to Remake “Mulva:Zombie Ass-Kicker” For It’s 10th Anniversary-A Blood Sprayer Exclusive

mulvaThe world of indie film is ever-evolving and at times, struggling to stay afloat.  As downloading becomes imminent, we see some of the smaller companies we love having to close up shop, as it’s almost impossible to compete with bit torrent sites (coupled with the change in rules for companies such as Netflix, who have small distributors by the balls).  But some companies are too tough to just give up the fight.  Rochester, NY’s Low Budget Pictures is one of those companies. 

The company’s founder Chris Seaver has set up a sweet lil’ idea with Tempe Entertainment honcho (and director of zombie classic, “The Dead Next Door”) J.R. Bookwalter to revisit LBP’s first Mulva film, as part of the the film’s 10th anniversary.  Seaver is hoping to not make this a typical indie shoot.  The plan is to increase the budget and take more time with the details.  While the process is just in the beginning stages, the hopes are to acquire some great equipment, great effects artists, and give the fan’s the be all-end all of LBP films.  So, why are we telling you this in such a flowery manner? Well…as production begins, you’ll get exclusive, up-to-date news on the production of “Mulva: Zombie Ass-Kicker” right here on The Blood Sprayer, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Expect video blogs, production stills, and more.  All in all, it’s going to give The Blood Sprayer’s readers a first look at all the details of the film. 

bonejackWe at The Blood Sprayer have come to you before with these sort of press releases for a few reasons-one being, we are staunch supporters of the indie horror film circuit.  It’s the lifeblood of the genre and it’s proof that the horror community is very much alive, and very much vital.  Two, Low Budget Pictures are the type of indie company that survive because of and for the fans.  In other words, you guys and US!!!  While others are giving up, LBP is fighting and forging ahead.  It’s imparative to support films such as these. 

Writer/Director/Founder Chris Seaver wrote this press release personally:

For those of you that do NOT know, LBP and Tempe will be remaking the first Mulva flick for its 10th anniversary. This is a big movie for us and will be the last movie of the year, and may be the last movie for LBP for a VERY long time, depending on how things have gone, come February 2011. We have decided that THIS is the BIG movie…the one that the Teenape movie could have been and the one you fans deserve. I have thought about this movie, and the pros and cons of doing it, for 3 weeks now.  I feel that it is unique enough for us to proceed. We want the biggest budget we can get, the biggest budget we have had for some time to do it RIGHT. And instead of shooting for 2 to 3 days to get it done, we will be shooting for a few weeks here and there to get it done.

We are coming to the fans again to help us get this made. Tempe
will be putting a little money into the project, but not enough. We
truly want the best looking flick we can deliever, so it’s going to bump up the cost more-Hiring a DP, getting a kick ass super, uber camera like the “Red”, and getting the best production value and FX team on the case. We want to raise at least $5000 for the rest of the film. $5000 IS a lot of money, but  you fans are an amazingly loyal bunch of people. Truly awesome. Over the years, you have helped us to continue when it always seemed like it was ready to fall apart. The Teenape movie we made for Troma was going to be the love letter to all of you for being with us and sticking by us…but THIS…this seems like a no brainer. Since  Troma is never going to let anyone see what we did for you, THIS movie is the chance to make it right. We want to give you guys a kick ass, over the top time that has LBP past, present, and future smashed all over it.

If you (fans) can donate to the film, you will get a Producer’s credit, a copy of the film when it’s complete (BOTH screener and official), and  a character named after you in the film, be it a featured extra or zombie. You will also get a chance to come and BE in the film if you wish it, and can make the travel. For the one that donates the MOST money to the film, we will fly you out to play a character in the main group that gets killed in a horrible way! AND you will record your own fan commentary on the original Mulva for the special edition DVD!!! Your name will also appear on the DVD credits, as well as, posters and print ads. You will also get a signed mini poster.

You can send donations to swanky_c@yahoo.comthrough paypal. We can also send you a snail mail address to send cash, check, or  money order to.

We may also be setting up an Indiegogo account to raise money as well. Either way, spread the word! Help us make this movie bigger and better. We also want to hear from you guys about what should be retained from the original film. What characters and gags should we bring into this new verson, etc. We want you to be involved as much  as you can.

We plan to start shooting the movie at the end of October-early
November and shoot for as long as it takes to make it a special flick
for you all. SO PLEASE if you can help us out…bring the funk!

You will get updates here and most of the bigger updates will be at
www.bloodsprayer.com. They will get exclusive pics, video, and more.

Super Sweet-


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