Johnny Tabor Dares You to Evoke the Mystery of ‘Folklore’

Johnny Tabor Dares You to Evoke the Mystery of ‘Folklore’

With online access and social media pressing the gap between big budget Hollywood and DIY indie films ever closer, the competition for film makers to get their work noticed has perhaps gotten tougher than ever. Much like Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael C. Williams did with The Blair Witch Project it requires some creative ingenuity to make a lasting impression on an already over-stimulated audience. Amidst the legion of new films being released, director Johnny Tabor has chosen an interesting tactic for his latest project, Folklore: An American Tale of Terror, that can be summed up as less is more.

You see, aside from this teaser trailer (see below), Tabor has chosen to not release any other information (at the time of this posting). Even the film’s official website offers little in the way of details (which most likely lie beyond it’s secured, invite only login page). Interestingly enough, the trailer displays a definite skill and style that mixes enough of Super 8 with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to evoke one’s natural curious tendencies. But will the final product be worth the wait? You decide.

Official Synopsis: In the summer of 1974 five friends set out on a journey across the United States. When traveling through the back roads of New Mexico they encounter what some call a Legend, others call it a Myth…but the locals call it Folklore.

For more info, visit the official Folklore website or check it out on Facebook.

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