Weekly Bloodlines For January 20th

Weekly Bloodlines For January 20th

Greetings Bloodsprayer readers. Welcome back to Weekly Bloodlines, my version of a weekly news wrap up column. Let’s get right too it…

The top story this week has to be the theatrical release of Mama, the directorial debut of Andres Muschietti that is being hyped and produced by the one and only Guillermo Del Toro.  I have to opinion on the movie, but I am hopeful to see it sometime this week as it looks creepy (and I love me some Del Toro flix).  Early estimates have this way above predictions, possibly bringing home $33 million dollars over the MLK holiday weekend which would be a nice win for horror.  For those of you that have not seen the original short Mama is based off of, check it out.  Creepy stuff!

Fans of The Evil Dead have been dying to see the original 8mm short Within the Woods that Sam Raimi and friends originally shot to help raise money for what would be a horror classic.  While I’ve seen bootleg copies at horror cons for years, I’ve never actually bought one hoping we’d some day get an official release.  Well, while still patiently waiting for an official release (probably as an extra) I did stumble upon it on Youtube!  No idea how official it is, but definitely worth a look!


News hit this week that Lionsgate studios is looking to start up a micro-budgeted branch primarily looking at horror and comedy films.  Word is they are looking at movies with a budget of around $2.5 million.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly micro-budget.  Give some of the talented directors we’ve covered here on the Bloodsprayer $2.5 million and we’d see some real movie magic.


Speaking of micro-budget horror, director Todd E. Freeman posted on Facebook the first teaser poster for Cell Count 2!  Cell Count was a pleasant surprise for me last year (check out the review here) and is currently available to rent or buy on demand.  Put Cell Count 2 on my must see list for 2013, and keep an eye out for any new news as it becomes available!

bleeding through



On the new release front, two more micro-budgeted flicks that I adored last year are finally going to be available for all to enjoy!  Henrique Couto’s Bleeding Through (review here) and Dustin Mill’s Night of the Tentacles (review here) are both going to finally be available on DVD at all respectable online suppliers and hopefully a few retail stores if there are any left.  Both directors are also hard at work on new features that we will continue to keep you updated on as well.

Also of note this week is Scream Factory’s DVD and Blu-ray release of Wes Craven’s Deadly Blessing! Scream Factory has been a strong addition to the horror genre, and 2013 is already looking pretty stacked in releases!


Not much on the television end of things this week.  Wednesday night brings us the conclusion to Season Two of American Horror Story, and a few tidbits for next years all new tale began to drop.  Creator Ryan Murphy is said to be looking to move next years story in a direction that’s a little “funnier” and may include a “horror romance”.  While there’s no doubt Season Two was much darker and grittier than Season One, I am curious to see exactly where the show ends up going.  He did confirm the returns of the fantastic Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters so that is definitely something to be excited for!

Finally, while not exactly a horror show, Fox is debuting the highly hyped The Following tomorrow night.  Created by Kevin Williamson (Scream franchise) and staring one of Jason Voorhees original victims Kevin Bacon, the show is about a serial killer who is communicating with a cult of other serial killers.  Rumor is that the show is pretty violent, so sign me up!

That’s it for this week!  Any news or opinions, please hit me up at mattbloodsprayer@gmail.com.  Till next week…..


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