Two New Releases Creeping Soon To A Theater Near You!

Two New Releases Creeping Soon To A Theater Near You!

First up, we have a family fighting to free two members from the grip of demonic forces in Here Comes The Devil.


Here Comes The Devil is every parent’s nightmare and then some. A couple’s two children get lost exploring caverns on a day trip in Tijuana. They’re found and brought home, but the parents’ initial relief quickly turns to concern when both children fail to exhibit their normal behavior and begin acting very strangely. And when the parents learn of the local legends surrounding the caverns, they realize that the “something” they were concerned about is extremely evil and has a hold of their children. Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Alan Martinez star; Adrian Garcia Bogliano (if you have Netflix, you’ve probably noticed the movie ABCs of Death-Bogliano was involved in the making of that film) writes and directs. The movie will be released by Magnolia Pictures on iTunes/On Demand and also in theaters December 13, 2013.

So far, this film has gotten good reviews. I’m not familiar with Bogliano’s work, but I’m interested in the movie, albeit cautiously. There have been a lot (a lot x infinity) of movies with the “possessed children” plotine, and I personally think it’s a bit tired, but if we must let the Devil take over more children for entertainment, then I’d definitely like to see a writer/director who’s willing to do something a bit different with the plot instead of plodding along the same lines as everyone else. Hopefully, Adrian Garcia Bogliano and his cast are up to the task!

And following the sort of paranormal theme we’ve got going here, I have good news for Paranormal Activity fans with the second movie I’ve got for you: the franchise will continue on January 3, 2014 with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones!


Christopher Landon directs. He’s worked as a both a writer and producer on the other Paranormal Activity films (save the first one). He doesn’t have many directing credits on IMDB and seems fairly new: his only other recognizable work was as the writer of the film Disturbia, which I thought was terrible. So that’s not exceptionally promising, but you decide for yourself if/when you watch the movie.

I found nothing exceptionally enlightening about the plotline: Jesse, the protagonist, discovers that he’s been “marked” and begins experiencing sinister paranormal occurrences. His family and friends try to save him. That’s about it. I didn’t see anybody recognizable listed as starring in the film; most of the actors appear to be fairly new to the business (which isn’t a criticism, just an observation). 

And now I get to chime in, and I can’t even with another handheld camera/found footage format. I am so goddamn sick of fucking found footage films that lately if I accidentally sit down to watch one, I turn that shit off. I blame The Blair Witch Project for starting this stupid trend that makes me slightly motion sick when I watch all the crazy camera angles and the bouncing as they run away from whatever it is they’re screaming about that you didn’t get to see because it’s found footage and that’s what happens. With that being said, I’ll even out my rant with a nod towards Paranormal Activity‘s creepiness: they definitely succeed in making your skin crawl. And that’s part of the reason we like horror movies, isn’t it? We like to scare ourselves (or at least, I do).

I will say one other thing: I’d like to see the Paranormal Activity franchise close itself out with a really slam-bang “conclusion” film, rather than dragging on and on and falling prey to the easy “endless curse” thread, and I’m always leery of this franchise because I always get the impression that the sequels were tacked on only after the first movie did well, which suggests extremely strong moneymaking motives which don’t always contribute to wise choices with movies. I’m also a little worried because with this film-the fifth of the franchise-it seems like the movies are falling into a repetitive loop rather than actually moving forward. A solid ending movie would be great to see and would definitely contribute to my continuing to not have a problem with Paranormal Activity as a franchise.

Those are just my thoughts. And that’s all for now, folks.

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