The Best Is Yet To Come…2012 On The Backside

The Best Is Yet To Come…2012 On The Backside

I noticed several folks on Twitter, as well as Facebook, lamenting over the lack of horror that’s happened so far in 2012.  It’s a legitimate point.  Our fair genre has been relatively quite thus far.  The highlights have been quite high (Cabin In The Woods) and the lows have been, well, you know (The Devil Inside may as well have flipped us all the bird).  As I mulled that notion over and over in this giant skull of mine, I actually got excited.  Not about the fact that it’s kind of sucked, but that good things are to come.  Don’t believe me?  Well, then take a look:



EXCISION (Anchor Bay)- This highly anticipated (speaking on my own behalf, of course!) film looks to be a pervert’s delight.  AnnaLynne McCord stars in her least sexy role ever alongside Traci Lords, John Waters, Ariel Winter and about 8000 other people.  The story revolves around a VERY unstable young woman (McCord) who’s headed toward a career path in medicine.  Amidst the pressures of being a fucking lunatic, she’s also spending every ounce of her energy trying to please her impossible mother (Lords).  *Cue complete and utter chaos*

Writer/Director Richard Bates Jr.’s feature debut has already polarized a myriad of festival-going critics (but fuck them, yeah?!) and its trailer alone was enough to get me sitting at full attention in my desk chair when I first peeped it a few months back.  No matter your opinion thus far, look for this to light a whole lotta fires in the coming months.  Count me 100% interested!


V/H/S (Magnet Releasing)-Unless you’re a horror nut who’s been living under a rock, you’ve heard plenty o’ news about this upcoming anthology.  The main story line concerns a band of petty thieves who are sent to retrieve a mysterious piece of “found footage”.  What they uncover is far beyond their comprehension.

What makes this anthology so special is the collection of filmmakers who are a part of it.  Installments with Ti West and Adam Wingard at the helm will tantalize us freaks with all the creepy atmosphere one could ever want.  The reviews have been solid and I know plenty of fans are chomping at the bit to see this one.  V/H/S will be available on demand August 31st and theatrically October 5th.

The Victim

The Victim (Anchor Bay)-The Victims is another example of all-star casting.  You get starring roles from genre vets like Michael Biehn and Danielle Harris?  You have our attention, filmmakers.

Harris and co-star Jennifer Blanc portray a couple party girls who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, encountering a pair of sheriff’s deputies with very little pertaining to the law on their minds.  In the midst of the brutal attack, a stranger comes to the rescue (Biehn).  Now, the once peaceful life us this recluse is wildly disrupted in this survival story.

Let’s be honest:  This has all the trappings of classic drive-in sleaze…and I couldn’t be happier!  This one’s been looming about for a bit and it’s finally on it’s way to the consumers.  It hits theatres August 24th, but expect news about an on demand release soon.


American Mary-We’ve been talking about this from the very first second we heard word of it.  What can we say?  We love The Twisted Twins!!!  Jen & Sylvia Soska are one one of the brightest spots in horror and we’re glad to have met them  on the ground floor.  The world is getting to know this vicious team and it couldn’t be at a better time.  Their on the precipice of grabbing the world by it’s saggy balls with their latest film, American Mary.

Mary (played by Ginger herself, Katherine Isabelle) is a medical student who’s love for the field she was entering has now left her disenchanted and penniless. Her luck appears to be changing, as she’s drawn into the world of underground surgery.  While the money may be coming in, there are wounds opening up that may never heal…and those wounds are on Mary’s psyche.

It’s definitely a personal thing here at The Blood Sprayer, but I know we aren’t the only people who CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS THING!!!  Dead Hooker In A Trunk was just the beginning.  Prepare to have your dicks kicked by our favorite sisters from the Great White North.


Frankenstein Created Bikers (Big World Pictures)-Now look, I know we know nothing about this movie yet,  but c’mon!  Just look at that poster!  If there’s anything we’ve learned thus far from James Bickert and his merry band of Impalers, it’s that they aim to server the scumbag in us all.  Being billed as a sequel to Dear God No! (a favorite amongst TBS crew, admittedly) has our nipples tweaked and perky.  Expect a cavalcade of freaks who are setting out to do the devil’s work:  Lots of blood, boobs, beer, BBQ, and beards.  Sounds like a goddamn holiday to me, y’all!  Hotlanta will be serving up another one soon, so you know you’ll find out about it here at The Blood Sprayer.  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

In addition to this collection of lunacy, their are a host of aminated films coming out this year that are cut from our cloth.  Tim Burton returns to the animated stable (and hopefully gets his head out of his ass) with Frankenweenie .  The makers of Coraline also return to that same fold with their next offering, Paranorman which looks to be a ton of fun.  Finally, this week, trailers began running for Hotel Transylvania which features voice work by Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler, and Andy Samberg.  Family fun will be had in the monster world.

If you were concerned about being stuck with another SAW sequel or Paranormal Activity overstaying its welcome (again), don’t be.  Well, you can because those things will probably happen, but keep in mind that things are looking up.  There are sure to be more announced soon and I know that many of the low budget indie folks we love are also currently hard at work.  Things are on the upswing, horror family!  Let’s just get through these goddamn olympics and then we’ll talk…

Oh, and in the mean time, um, I don’t know…play this!!!



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