Roswell that ends well: IGN and Syfy fans choose new original movie concept

Roswell that ends well: IGN and Syfy fans choose new original movie concept

Firstly, sorry about that pun, it doesn’t even make sense. Especially when you know what the actual story is about. But whatever, it’s my article and I will do whatever I damn well please (as long as the Bloodsprayer gods don’t come down on me with great vengeance and fuuuuuurious anger).

Anyway, Syfy have the concept for an upcoming Saturday Original Movie in place after a vote on B Movie Mogul, the IGN run site that allows fans to give their two cents on forthcoming Syfy features, amongst other things.

After over 20,000 votes, the winning concept was announced on the 16th December.

Another spaceship crash lands in Roswell, New Mexico, and a dangerous alien creature escapes. Authorities soon realize there is something under the earth in Roswell that has been attracting spacecraft since 1947, and maybe even before. Now they have to uncover that secret while they hunt and kill the creature.

The choices that lost out, in case you haven’t been following, were The Bermuda Triangle and 2012. It’s been a while since I have seen anything Roswellian, and the idea that Roswell is the Sunnydale of Aliens is a neat concept that should have been thought of long ago. Plus with the Emmerich 2012 movie last year and Syfy’s own Triangle miniseries in 2005 (back when they were the Sci Fi Channel) meant Roswell was the only real option. I mean what was the lost Area 51 inspired thing you saw? I bet it was the show Roswell. It wasn’t that for me because I never watched it. I wonder if it was good and I just completely missed out.

Set to be directed by, no-doubt-going-to-hate-me-for-saying-this, Sean Connery’s younger brother, Jason Connery (heck, if he was really that bothered he would have changed his name to Duncan Jones). Connery has not long wrapped on 51, another Roswell inspired horror actioner. Not only that, the script’s minutiae will be handled by Tim Tori, the man who gave you the excellent Trespassers and the forthcoming Hysteria. While producing the flick will be After Dark Films, those sly cats that bring you your annual 8 Films To Die For.

But that isn’t your lot, no siree Bob. Because over at B Movie Mogul you can continue to vote for characters names, plot points, witty dialogue, character histories and other lovely stuff like that. I mean, watching films is fun but having a hand in making movies is even better. Right? Right.

So get there and get voting. Do it now.

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