New Trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife

New Trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife

MillaSony has released a new trailer for it’s fourth installment in the Resident Evil series.   The film features Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter kicking zombie ass in 3-D while set to crappy music. Milla’s husband (and writer/director) Paul Anderson is back behind the camera. He directed the first Resident Evil but did not return for the second or third film. The new film will also feature unknown newcomer Kacey Barnfield who only has a few TV credits to her name.  Check out the film’s new trailer below. Resident Evil: Afterlifeopens nation wide on September 10th and will feature more over used 3-D.  Flying sunglasses?  Really? This is why I stopped watching the franchise after the first installment.

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  1. Looks like the blade movies minus a Y Chromosome. What’s most impressive is that everything’s in 3D yet the characters remain in 1D.

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