The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2 to Begin Pre-Production

The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2 to Begin Pre-Production

css1Pre-production for the web series The Chainsaw Sally Show season 2 will begin in May. The Chainsaw Sally Show is presented by Hershel Gordon Lewis and Forbidden Pictures and is based on the 2004 movie Chainsaw Sally (Shock-O-Rama) starring Gunnar Hansen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and April Monique Burril.

The story follows Sally Diamon who at the age of ten witnessed the brutal murder of her parents.  Sally raises her younger brother the best that she can manage while the visions of her parent’s death haunts her dreams; all the while her desire for revenge grows stronger. Now a young woman, Sally spends her days as a small town librarian while spending her nights as a vicious killer.  Sprays off her chainsaw only fuel her blood lust as she lays judgment on those deemed evil.

sallyChainsaw Sally has seen a huge growth as a cult horror hero spawning a web series (Season 1 now available on DVD), a movie sequel It’s Groundhog Day Chainsaw Sally and a comic book. If you are in the Maryland area and you are interested in being involved with The Chainsaw Sally Show, visit Forbidden Pictures for more info.

Season 1 of The Chainsaw Sally Show can be watched at

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