MIMESIS: Coming Feb. 12th to Blu-ray and DVD

MIMESIS: Coming Feb. 12th to Blu-ray and DVD

Sid Haig says it best in the opening of Mimesis. Today’s horror fans aren’t satisfied with torture porn or excessive gore. They want the real thing. Mimesis delivers.


We open on a group of people at a horror convention in nearby Detroit, MI. They are invited to a after party that night. Reluctantly, our main characters go. They wake up the next morning dressed as characters from George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead. Zombies outside. Tension between the house dwellers. Everything that the original had, set in the modern day. There’s a bit of a twist. I won’t reveal anything- it’s too good. How will these seven people survive the night and make it until dawn?


I’ve been covering Mimesis for a while now. I was incredibly excited when Wes told me he had a copy for review. I watched it. I enjoyed it. I thought a little too much into it. It wasn’t what I built it up to be in my mind. Was it a fantastic movie? Absolutely. Would I recommend it? Yes. But the weeks of anticipation and planning out in my mind the actual plot kind of ruined it for me.


The acting was either spot on, or way off course. I caught an actress laughing at a particularly serious moment. However, the lead actor did everything I could ever ask of a main character. Sadness! Taking charge! Fear! It was all there.


I was pretty fond of the makeup done on the zombies. While not realistic to a decaying human, they looked exactly like the zombies from the Romero original. Effects were a little hokey, but what do you expect from a low budget film?

I thought about my reviewing process a little more on this film. When you’re excited for something, you expand it in your mind. It’s going to be AMAZING. So when it doesn’t meet those expectations, you’re a little let down. Such is life in the critique business. We can’t always get what we want. But if we try sometimes, we can still enjoy a film that pays homage to one of the most revered horror films of all time.


Mimesis will be out February 12th on both Blu-ray and DVD. If you want a good, classic style horror flick, with plenty of genre references and a great twist, pick it up. It’s worth it.

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