Jim VanBebber’s Gator Green Is On Its Way To Reality…

Jim VanBebber’s Gator Green Is On Its Way To Reality…

youngjimLegendary filmmaker Jim VanBebber has been hard at work lately.  While Victor Bonacore’s documentary on Jim comes to life,  the writer/director has been hard at work on his own.

Recently, VanBebber started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a horror film called Gator Green.  The Kickstarter (which was also fired up alongside Unearthed Films honcho, Stephen Biro) was to help fund a short film that would (eventually) lead to a feature length to be released by Unearthed Films.  With a resounding response, the goal of $7500 was met.  You can see the Kickstarter page here.

The support for VanBebber’s next project has continued beyond the success of the web campaign and into the theaters.  The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY will be host to a special screening of VanBebber’s masterful The Manson Family.  A portion of each ticket will go toward the funding of Gator Green.  This truly grassroots (VanBebber did a fair share of reaching out via his personal facebook page, which is how we caught wind) will result in the first feature released by VanBebber in quite some time.

The event at The Cinema Arts Centre will take place on Tuesday, July 3rd at 7:30 pm.  In addition to a rare 35mm screening of The Manson Family, Jim’s highly praised short film, My Sweet Satan, will also be screened (this will be the Long Island premiere of the short film).  The audience will also be treated to a video introduction to the film by VanBebber himself and a chance to see the trailer for Victor Bonacore’s upcoming documentary on the man himself. It appears that Jim VanBebber is continuing on his renegade ways and this writer couldn’t be ANY more geeked at the prospect of another brilliant film!

If you’re in the Huntington area and wish to attend, more details can be found at www.cinemaartscentre.org or you can reach the theater by phone at (631) 423-FILM.  Tickets will be $14 for the public and just $9 for members, so if your’e a member I would encourage you to NOT miss an opportunity to see this in a beautiful 35mm format.  As details unfold concerning Gator Green, you can expect The Blood Sprayer will keep you posted.

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