Help LBP Make “Doom Blade” Come To Life

Help LBP Make “Doom Blade” Come To Life

LBPShirtAlright, Blood Sprayer readers: It’s time to put our money where our mouths are.  Low Budget Pictures will be venturing into its 42nd feature film entitled, “Doom Blade”  next month.  Company founder Chris Seaver contacted us to let us know exactly what is going on:

Low Budget Pictures is about to shoot it’s 42nd Feature DOOM BLADE. We are looking to reach the rest of our budget goal for the film and we have come to ask the help of the fans once again. We only need 500 more bucks to lock the film’s needed budget and all is well. Fans have come to our aid before and we hope you can help us bring Doom Blade to climax. You can donate to the paypal address -Those that donate will get producer’s credit in the flick-A screener copy of the film when complete, a signed prop and goody package as well as your chance to be IN the film, if (you live) close enough. If you have any questions, please contact and be sure to check out for more details. The deadline is July 27th, as production will (hopefully) start in early August!!! Thanks again to all of you hardcore “Lans” who have stuck with us year after year.

So here it is gang!!!  Help keep independent cinema alive!!!  Consider it your filthy duty…

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