Go Green With Dr. Gangrene!

Go Green With Dr. Gangrene!

dr. gangreneNot being from the Nashville area, I have never seen this series of public service announcements. So when this press release rolled across my desk I had to check it out. I am now disappointed that my fellow Ohioans could not come up with a series of public service announcements as clever as this.

The Go Green With Dr. Gangrene Campaign will begin its third year of informing the citizens of Nashville to keep it green. Go Green With Dr. Gangrene is a continuing collaboration between Nashville Horror Host Dr. Gangrene (portrayed by Larry Underwood) and film maker Cameron McCasland. The series has garnered national acclaim with over a dozen awards including a citation from The Governor of Tennessee Phil Bredesen, a special humanitarian award at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, and multiple Emmy nominations.

The all new shorts are entitled “Frank-Can-Stein” , “Watered Down Werewolf” and “Butthead” encourage people, as well as skeletons, monsters, and werewolves to recycle aluminum cans, water their pets, and dispose of cigarette butts in proper receptacles.

The shorts will be broadcast on WNAB CW 58 out of Nashville and simultaneously screened via www.drgangrene.com and the Dr. Gangrene youtube page. WNAB is the home of Dr. Gangrene’s Creature Feature a weekly monster movie show that stars Dr. Gangrene.

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  1. Dr. Gangrene is a heck of a guy and wonderful host! He plays a big part in the documentary I’m making about the Tennessee horror hosts and these PSA’s are just fantastic! Great article.

  2. He is featured in a doc called American Scary about the birth and many faces of the Horror Host’s… very very cool and funny.

  3. Hey Jeb, thanks so much for the awesome shout out. Glad you enjoyed the PSAs – they were fun to make. Cool website, btw – I’m adding a link to the bloodsprayer to my blog asap…

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