For Sale: ‘The Amityville Horror’ House

For Sale: ‘The Amityville Horror’ House

Have you ever dreamed of living in your very own haunted house? And in this dream, is your house the scene of some grisly murders that were allegedly committed while under demonic possession? If it is,  you can be the proud owner of the Amityville House for only $1.15 million.

The five bedroom Dutch Colonial in Suffolk County, NY was the scene of the murders of the DeFeo family in 1974. The Lutz family moved  in a year later and began reports of paranormal activity and moved out within a month. The house was the subject matter of the book by Jay Anson and several films. The house has undergone remodeling and an address change to deter gawkers.

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2 Responses to “For Sale: ‘The Amityville Horror’ House”

  1. Holy crap! Sounds like an awesome idea at first, but the more I think about the more I realize that I would never dare set foot on that freakin’ house. Good luck to those who will, though!

  2. If I had a proton pack I would spend a night. I wouldn’t subject myself to living there though.

    I could see someone like Rob Zombie buying it and then using it to make another God awful remake.

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