Fincher Gets All Heavy Metal On Us

Fincher Gets All Heavy Metal On Us

David Fincher has spent the past several years trying to get a new and updated Heavy Metal off the ground.  He had the project set up with Paramount at one point in time only to have them pull the plug.

sorayam heavy metalHeavy Metal is a movie from 1981 that was heavily influenced by 70’s rock, sex, drugs and sci-fi. Heavy Metal also saw a sequel in 2000.

Well, it seems that Fincher is back at it again only with some new talent and technology at his side.  Zac Snyder (300, The Watchmen) and James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) are both set to direct segments of this film.  Oh, did I mention that it will also be in 3-D?  Surprised?  Didn’t think so.

The film is still years from seeing the light of day as they are still trying to secure things like more directors, a distributor and financing.  Who knows, maybe Fincher will actually pull this off this time around.

Source:  Deadline

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