FAMILIAR: Your Body Just Might Be Your Worst Nightmare

FAMILIAR: Your Body Just Might Be Your Worst Nightmare


Here at the Blood Sprayer, we love body horror. Body Horror can be the film equivalent of the best fart joke you’ve ever heard or… if you’re lucky, a truly good piece of anatomical horror can make you question whether you or your body is truly in control. Before we get into some philosophical argument the likes of which I am unqualified to lead or take part in let’s get ready for a mandatory annual check up into horror.

Consider some of the great names in body horror. Henenlotter… Cronenberg… Powell? Could be after his most recent film FAMILIAR. This film has been receiving some serious press by all the right folks lately not limited to but including the big F and I don’t mean that four letter word that got your mouth washed out with soap. Check out the Fango article in issue #305 and start to consider Powell when you consider your own body. I know I find my body horrifying.

Some Pre-Production notes from the creators:


FATAL PICTURES is proud to announce “FAMILIAR“, a new Horror short starring Robert Nolan, Astida Auza and Cathryn Hostick as the seemingly idyllic yet ultimately doomed Dodd Family.  “Through a series of tragic events a middle aged man grows to suspect the negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own.”

Written/Directed by Richard Powell, Produced by Zach Green (FATAL PICTURES)

Cinematography & Co Producer Michael Jari Davidson shot on RED Digital Cinema. Special FX for the film provided by Ryan Louagie, Carlos Henriques & Steven Dawley
(The Butcher Shop).

You’ve got some serious people in the short film world behind this one. Perhaps you remember a stunning short by the name of “WORM“? Well the creators of FAMILIAR are calling this new picture WORM’s sister. See clip below if you want to get in the know. Top it off with the Butcher Shop on body part duty and you’ve got a short that I can’t wait to get behind. More soon… until then, don’t hit the snooze button on your biological clock.

Clip from FAMILIAR‘S Sister Film, WORM:


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