Don’t Kill Yourself Trying to See The Suicide Club – Danger After Dark Unleashes V.O.D.

Don’t Kill Yourself Trying to See The Suicide Club – Danger After Dark Unleashes V.O.D.


This just in from Danger After Dark who’s re-emerging into the world of horror cinema through your television set or computer screen with a neo-classic picture, Suicide Club. If you haven’t seen this one, I strongly urge you to get your butt in gear and stay away from any subway platforms that might encourage you to take the great leap forward.

Show this movie some love this holiday season.


(October 26, 2011; New York)  Danger After Dark is thrilled to
announce that the cult-classic, unrated version of “SUICIDE CLUB” is
available NOW to stream and download via,, and  Directed by the prolific Sion Sono
(“Cold Fish,” “Love Exposure,” “Strange Circus”) the film has
cultivated a rabid, loyal fan base and with it themes of suicide,
anti-establishment rebelliousness and nefarious government/cultural
witchery, the film is even more relevant than ever.

“Suicide Club” (Jisatsu Sākuru) aka “Suicide Circle”
Directed by Sion Sono (2002, 100 min., Japanese with English Subtitles)
A wave of unexplainable suicides sweeps across Tokyo after 54 smiling
high school girls join hands and throw themselves from a subway
platform into an oncoming train. Detective Kuroda (Ryo Ishibashi from
“Audition”) and the rest of the police force are baffled as the
bloodbath triggers a wave of suicides across the city. When a cryptic
phone call tips off police to a strange website that appears to be
tracking the suicides before they happen, the question becomes, are
they really suicides at all? This outrageously bizarre, wicked social
critique in the form of a creepy and enigmatic detective mystery
examines the despair of the disaffected Japanese youth and the
influence of pop culture on their lives. From international film
festival favorite to cult sensation, “Suicide Club” is a study of
contemporary morality that is gruesome, darkly comic and vividly


Also from DANGER AFTER DARK, find out why “SATAN HATES YOU” the latest
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cavalcade of genre stars including Larry Fessenden (“I Sell the
Dead”), Debbie Rochon (“Toxie Twins: Toxic Avenger V”), Michael
Berryman (“The Hills Have Eyes”), Angus Scrimm (“Phantasm”) and Reggie
Bannister (“Bubba Ho-tep”). Buy the DVD or watch ONLINE at Amazon:

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