Chester Novell Turner’s Beloved Horror Masterworks to make their DVD Debut…

Chester Novell Turner’s Beloved Horror Masterworks to make their DVD Debut…

In the annuals of genre filmmaking stands an icon without equal. A man who dared to dream the impossible dream. A man who stood ye on high and forever shook the pillars of horror cinema. That one man is Chester Novell Turner. The films are Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984) and Tales from the Quadead Zone (1987). On October 26th, Massacre Video will do what the Criterion Collection couldn’t and release these two milestones onto DVD with pre-orders available here beginning September 6th!

An enigmatic figure, Turner virtually disappeared after giving birth to his second feature, Quadead Zone, but the global influence of his films is still being felt to this very day. Despite every horror fan already being fully aware of his classics, let’s highlight some of the more prominent ways these films have contributed to society both domestically and abroad:

1985, a year after Black Devil Doll is released: With the United Kingdom’s malicious Video Recordings Act in full swing and video shop raids making headlines, Queen Elizabeth II personally saves Turner’s feature from the DPP list of banned films and then decreed it to be disseminated to schools across her reigning commonwealths as a teaching tool until her passing.

1987: Mick Jagger and Duran Duran collaborate to create a new pop version of Black Devil Doll’s soundtrack entitled Novella Turns: Power of Forlorn Eyes. The first single “Burnished Porcelain (On a Sunday)” explodes and remains at the #1 position on America’s mainstream pop chart for an unprecedented thirty-seven weeks straight.

1991: After the international sensation that was Tales from the Quadead Zone, Turner secretly fashions a special version at the request of Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev dubbed in Russian with added poetic narration by Maya Angelou. Afterward, upon a tearful call from Gorbachev for unity between all nations, Turner single-handedly ends the long brewing Cold War.

1998: In a brazen and calculated midday heist, art thieves take the 1/2″ tape master of Black Devil Doll from Hell during transport to the Louvre for permanent exhibition. A guard was slain in the attack and the tape is currently still missing. In 2007, Steve Jobs was implicated in an ongoing DGSE investigation.

2006: Actor Gary Busey is nominated for a Tony for his still very inflammatory one man stage production, “Utero Swan Songs of My Negro Forefathers”. The entire third act featuring Busey in blackface reenacting portions of Black Devil Doll with a melting wax figure of Jesus Christ in effigy. Upon witnessing the play, Jake Busey disowns his father.

2009: Famed physicist Michio Kaku unveils an hypothesis detailing the point of conception of Turner possibly leading to a yet undiscovered answer to unified field theory. Following this announcement, the Westboro Baptist Church issues a statement both condemning and a vowing to picket any future theatrical showings of Turner’s films.

Here’s the official, long awaited press release!

Rotten Cotton and Massacre Video along with Box Office Spectaculars are proud to bring you, for the first time on DVD, the epic Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984), written and directed by the mysterious Chester N. Turner. It would not feel right to just release Black Devil Doll from Hell alone, so we added Turner’s rare second film, Tales from the Quadead Zone (1987). Helen Black is a deeply religious woman who purchases a ventriloquist dummy from a local antique shop. This is not your typical dummy. This dummy is a possessed sexual deviant that rapes and kills! Be sure to pick up this film for one of the oddest viewing experiences you will ever encounter.

Collector’s Edition Lenticular 3D Cover for the First 1000 Sold

– Audio commentary by Art Ettinger (Ultra Violent Magazine) and Louis Justin (Massacre Video)

Liner notes by Greg Goodsell



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4 Responses to “Chester Novell Turner’s Beloved Horror Masterworks to make their DVD Debut…”

  1. I’m kidding of course, although both of these films are SOV must-sees for their sheer obscurity and ridiculousness!

  2. a. I can’t wait for that. I need to see the rest of that movie. It’s perfect for my “Dolls Are People Too” movie marathon (includes Dolls, Puppet Master, The Dummy from teh Twilight Zone etc.)

    b. any ideas where I might locate a VHS only release called Burned at the Stake?

  3. Hmmmm, I don’t have that one.

    I’d just bookmark the term’s results page on eBay and Amazon’s VHS listing and keep periodically checking. It’s bound to appear with patience. 🙂

  4. That bit about Gary Busey was quite clever.

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