Brooklyn and Boston! “Ten” is premiering inside you!

Brooklyn and Boston! “Ten” is premiering inside you!

“What do an actress, a religious zealot, a renegade, a coed, a model, a singer, a medium, a real-estate investor, a historian, and a doctor have in common?”

If you live in Boston or Brooklyn, you can answer that question this weekend. Ten is premiering at the Brooklyn Girl Film Festival Friday, March 28th, and at the Boston Underground Film Festival Sunday, March 30th! Further details are below.

The Boston Herald writes: “Imagine Scream crossed with The Usual Suspects…The art comes with meticulously framed shots full of color, the enjoyment with puzzling out the crazy plot twists.”

And according to DigBoston, it’s“…a Clue-esque, genre-mixing murder-mystery at a haunted mansion…with enough themes and tropes to start a marching band.”

Here’s the trailer:


And here’s the synopsis:

“TEN is a post-exploitation exploration of identity starring ten women.
Ten women find themselves in a vacant mansion on Spektor Island in December, 1972. Each believes she’s traveled to the house on business, but they all agree that something seems strange. For one thing, the entire house is full of pictures and statues of pigs.

The women all come from drastically different walks of life. None of them would have chosen to spend the night together in such an eerie place, but the last ferry for the mainland has just left, and a terrible storm is rolling in. Trying to make the best of an unpleasant situation, they raid the mansion’s wine cellar and throw a party. As the night creeps on, however, it becomes clear that someone–or something–has arranged to get them in the house. It’s not long before someone mentions that Spektor Island is supposed to be haunted. Of course, no one in the house believes in ghosts.

At least, not until the first murder.

What do an actress, a religious zealot, a renegade, a coed, a model, a singer, a medium, a real-estate investor, a historian, and a doctor have in common? None of them is who they seem. Yet, the fate of the entire world may rest in their hands.”

And here are the details of the premier screenings:

Friday, March 28, 9:30 PM – Brooklyn Girl Film Festival,  LaunchPad, 721 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY – Tickets:

Sunday, March 30, 12:30 PM – Boston Underground Film Festival, The Brattle Theatre , 40 Brattle St., Cambridge MA –  full line up announced 3/10

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