American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 4/5- Recap and Review!

American Horror Story: Asylum Ep. 4/5- Recap and Review!

Figured that since it was a two-part episode, we’d do a doublewide edition! I Am Anne Frank.


I’m going to try to shorten things up and give it to you as quickly as possible, because there’s a lot of information.

Part 1.

A woman gets brought to Briarcliff. She’s Anne Frank. No, seriously. Anne Frank. Kit and Grace are downstairs in the kitchen. Grace reveals that she was framed for the murder of her parents. So that’s why she’s there. Kit has a meeting with Dr Thredson where the good doctor makes a deal with him. Basically if Kit can help him convince the courts that he’s crazy by confessing to the murders, he’ll be locked up forever instead of fried in the electric chair. Furious that he has to admit to something he hasn’t done, Kit goes down and pounds some dough in the bread making area. Kit and Grace bang one out real quick and are caught by a guard. They’re put in solitary, and Kit is given Grace’s real story. She actually murdered her parents. Surprise surprise. Back in the common room, Anne Frank accuses Arden of being the goddamned Nazi that he is. She saw him in Auschwitz. She shows her prison tat. Some cops show up to talk to Sister Jude about the prostitute that Arden assaulted. They think he might be Bloody Face because of what the girl saw in the pictures. Sister Jude talks to the Monsignor, but since she was a drunken idiot during the storm, he tells her to focus on her own problems. He then calls Arden to tell him that people are catching on to him. HE KNOWS. Dr Thredson is trying to ‘cure’ Lana by showing her scantily clad women and exposing her to nauseating drugs. Aversion / conversion therapy. He even has a young buck come in for her to check out and masturbate to. Yeah, it’s not working. Back to Kit and Grace in solitary, he tells her that he knows the real story. She claims her father sexually abused her for years. When daddy sold the horses, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Murder time! Kit confesses to Jude that he must have killed the women, and repents. Arden finds Anne and takes her to his murder room / surgery boudoir. She has a gun though. She shoots Arden in the leg and opens the nearby door to find Shelly! Kinda mutate-y and covered in boils.


At this point I have some suspicions about characters. I no longer trust Dr Thredson. He’s too innocent. I still love that the Monsignor is very much a minimal part of the story, and still has so many secrets. ONWARD!

Part 2.

Sister Jude is working with some sort of Nazi hunter I suppose. He lost “everyone” in the war. He’s a Jew too. Anne Frank’s husband shows up. Her real name is Charlotte. She’s been in some kind of psychosis ever since she read “The Diary.” He just wants to take her home. So he does. And that’s the end of it. Kit and Grace are going to be sterilized so that they cannot reproduce. A sort of mental surgery. Oh yeah, and Shelly? Sister Mary Eunice dropped her off at a children’s school to be found. Sick, but hilarious. Since Kit confessed in the last episode, Jude takes pity on him and he will not be sterilized. Grace is gonna get it though. She apparently gets abducted just like Kit did in Episode 1, and sees Alma, Kit’s supposedly dead wife. Sister Jude goes back to her old ways. Dark red lipstick, alcohol, promiscuous sex, the whole shebang.

Lana is going to escape with Dr Thredson, and does so successfully. Only problem is well, him. He turns on a lamp, and we see some circular darkened areas on the shade. He offers her a mint in a bowl. Oh. Those dark areas were nipples. That bowl is a skullcap. She asks to use the restroom and stumbles upon his hobby area. Skin, that’s the material he uses to make lamps, he says. Trapdoor’d! Kit finds Grace in the common area, bleeding. Cops come in to arrest him for the murders. Remember that confession Thredson made him give? Arden gives Anne Frank a lobotomy after her husband brings her back. It’s not the end for her yet. She becomes an almost robotic, perfect wife.

One less person to tell on Dr Arden. Lana wakes up in a pristine tiled room. A frozen woman lies next to her. It’s her lover. Thredson tells Lana that she’s going to win a Pulitzer for telling “his story.” He also tells her to give her lover a kiss. He then puts on the Bloody Face mask.


So everyone’s getting a lot of shit thrown at him or her, yeah? Dr Thredson is Bloody Face. Dr Arden is definitely a Nazi. Shelly is a creature. Kit is going to fry. Grace is sterilized and possibly knows how to get to Alma. Sister Jude is a slut. Mary Eunice is awesome, and is still the fucking devil. Lana is trapped, and has to witness every aspect of Bloody Face’s killings.


Personally, I love Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of Thredson. He’s so evil. So calculating. So very split personality. So what do you think? Will Lana escape? Will Kit be freed? Are there aliens? Is Alma alive? When will we see that bastard Arden get what he deserves?

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