“Zombie Girl: The Movie” Finally Coming To DVD Nov 9th

“Zombie Girl: The Movie” Finally Coming To DVD Nov 9th

If somebody were to tell you that a 12-year girl directed a zombie film, I’m sure you would be intrigued. Well, a few years ago, Emily Hagins did just that, and a group of filmmakers decided that it was intriguing enough that they wanted to document the whole thing. The result was the film Zombie Girl: The Movie, which has since gone on to play many different festivals and win several awards. Unfortunately though, the documentary never got wide distribution, so many who have been wanting to see it haven’t had a chance. Well, luckily that’s about to change as the good folks over at R Squared Films are giving Zombie Girl its North American DVD release on November 9th!

I saw the film a few months back, and I very much enjoyed it (you can read my review HERE), so I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to revisit it on DVD; especially since the disc is going to include the full version of Pathogen (Emily’s film) as one of its extras. I know the actual film isn’t going to be anything amazing, but I’ve been curious to check it out since I first heard about it, and the documentary has made me want to see it even more, so kudos to R Squared for including it here! The full list of features on the disc are included below; along with the cover art.

Zombie Girl Cover Art

Cover Art for the DVD

Also, if you haven’t checked out Mike D’s interview with Emily here on the Blood Sprayer yet, you should check it out HERE.

ZOMBIE GIRL: THE MOVIE Special Features:

  • Pathogen (Emily’s movie)
  • Q&A at Pathogen Premier
  • Interview on Emily’s second feature “The Retelling”
  • Interview with Emily for her Third Film, “My Sucky Teen Romance”
  • Original movie Trailer

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  1. Can’t wait to see this one.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jeff! dug the article and I’m really looking forward to checking this one out. I’m really interested in her whole process.

  3. Been waiting for this for a while now. Wonder how much dough this girl has made from this?

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