You’re Makin’ Me Live…

You’re Makin’ Me Live…

crowdThere we were, sitting around the table at a sports bar (add whatever the hell name you choose because they’re all the same):  Beers sitting in front of us, absurdly-flavored chicken wings, laughing and bullshitting.  The events of the day were topic of discussion but there was so much more to it than that.  We were friends enjoying a mutual love…and it was good.

A few weeks back, several of The Blood Sprayer family attended Cinema Wasteland Movie & Memorabilia Expo in Strongsville, Ohio.  For my money, Wasteland is the best convention out there and the only one I choose to attend regularly.  Cinema Wasteland conducts itself with a family-styled spirit. Lots of familiar faces can be seen in attendance and consequently, those faces are friends of this site.  You cannot help but feel a part of something great when you’re there.  While this may come as no surprise, the guests and films often associated with Cinema Wasteland’s scheduled events also happen to be the types we put a majority of our focus on.  So, I’m sure you can see the appeal for us.

While there, we encountered several old friends:  Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best, Chris Seaver and the Warlock Home Video crew (whom you’ll be seeing a feature about quite soon), Henrique Couto, Synapse Films, Kristoff Bates (director of After Party Massacre and madman behind, and Toe Tag Pictures were in attendance.  Artists like Joel Robinson and Don England were there selling there magnificent work.  And as always, Wasteland’s roster of guests  didn’t disappoint, giving me the opportunity to meet adult film legend Seka in person (hey, sometimes joking back and forth on Twitter doesn’t cut it!).  I feel quite blessed that my favorite horror convention takes up residence in my own home state.

As I was eluding to early, several of our crew were there together:  Myself (with wife and son in tow), Zach Shildwachter, Matt Pocock, and Courtney Wyant all got to actually hang together at the same time whilst at a convention.  It was as if planets had aligned for the mere sake of our schedules.  We ranted and raved about our excitement involving James Bickert’s sleaze Tour De Force DEAR GOD NO! (which lives up to ALL our expectations and then some), laughed about ridiculous things we’d seen as of late, talked about Zach’s preparation to take Face Off by storm, poked fun at my obsession with Jim Van Bebber…basically had an all around great time.  At one point, I took a moment to take this all in and see my friends sitting there with me while my family was also there, warmed my heart beyond belief.  It also made me think of how badly I’d have loved to have the other Blood Sprayers there with us (Bill Adcock, Jimmy Terror, Brittney-Jade Colangelo, Mike Dobrzelecki, Jeremiah Genson, Morgan Rankin, Mahlon Orrin, etc.).

The Blood Sprayer as a website has a lot in common with Cinema Wasteland.  We tend to be a bit on the nostalgic side while also lending our assistance to the independent filmmaking community as much as we possibly can.  It’s the familial mentality that has become a driving force behind the work we do.  Whether it’s seeing old friends at a convention or logging into Facebook and seeing my news feed LIT UP with glowing, hopeful reviews of a new horror film, my heart swells with pride being a part of it.  These aren’t just our brethren in horror-these are our friends!  We love to talk about movies, of course, but we also hug when we see one another.  We ask about one another’s children, lend an ear or a shoulder when one of our own is hurting;  it makes for such a strong bond amongst people who only see one another a few times a year.  This also motivates our site to continuously support filmmakers on each of their many ventures.  That’s why you’ll see the same names pop up regularly.  These are people we care about.  We care about the work they do, we believe in it, and so we want to use the resource that we have available to expose our readers to them.

As my coffee cup reeks of emptiness and Royal Thunder’s record breaths it’s final breaths, I feel this an appropriate moment to wrap this up.  I want to take that moment to thank Ken Kish and the rest of the fine people at Cinema Wasteland for reminding me why horror, as a community, is so important.  They have gone out of their way to give hardcore fans the best damn show they can give.  In turn, it serves as a reminder to be grateful for what horror films have given us.  In the very near future, you’ll see lots of coverage on DEAR GOD NO! and it’s director James Bickert, a big fat feature on the resurrected Warlock Home Video, and many other names you’ve heard in the past.  That’s our way of showing our gratitude.  When promoters such as Ken Kish go out of their way to create a family environment within horror conventions, it drives us to do the same as a media outlet.  Enjoy these friends you’ve made by being a lover of horror films…they’re some of the most loyal ones you’ll ever have.


Stay Filthy-


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