Win a Copy of Excision on Blu-ray Courtesy of Anchor Bay!!!!

Win a Copy of Excision on Blu-ray Courtesy of Anchor Bay!!!!

We here at the Bloodsprayer are proud (and for those of us that don’t own it yet envious) to be giving away 2 copies of the highly anticipated Excision from Anchor Bay Entertainment  The contest will run until next Friday, October 19th at midnight.  Winning is easy, just leave us a name, a valid email address, and answer my way too easy question below.  Contest is only available to those of you in the USA, and unfortunately no PO Boxes.  Below is a reprint of the press release, and trailer for those of you that haven’t heard of this delicious piece of horror goodness.  Good luck to all!!


What is your favorite movie to watch on Halloween?




Starring AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords, Ariel Winter, Roger Bart, with performances by Jeremy Sumpter, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ray Wise, John Waters, Golden Globe® nominated Malcolm McDowell, and Academy Award® Winner Marlee Matlin.

Comes to Blu-ray™ and DVD October 16th.

Anchor Bay Films presents the harrowing coming-of-age horror film, and instant cult classic, EXCISION, from writer/director Richard Bates, Jr., which Sundance Channel deemed “Without question the most mind-blowingly grotesque film to screen at this year’s fest.” EXCISION boasts an impressive and eclectic cast including AnnaLynne McCord (The CW’s “90210,” Transporter 2, Fired Up, FX’s “Nip Tuck”), Traci Lords (Blade, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, Cry Baby), Ariel Winter (ABC’s “Modern Family”), Roger Bart (Hostel Part II, Law Abiding Citizen, American Gangster), Malcolm McDowell (The Artist, A Clockwork Orange, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, HBO’s “Entourage”) and cameos including Ray Wise, director John Waters, and Academy Award® winner Marlee Matlin.

Based on writer/director Richard Bates, Jr.’s short film of the same name, EXCISION follows a disturbed and delusional high school student, Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord). Pauline, with aspirations of a career in medicine, goes to extremes to earn the approval of her controlling mother (played by Traci Lords). While dealing with both being an outcast teenager and having an obsession over curing her sister’s cystic fibrosis, Pauline becomes increasingly deranged as her fascination with surgery and flesh and blood grows into something compulsive and demonic, if not epic.


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Matt has been a fan of horror films since his first trip to the video store when he was transfixed by classic vhs cover art. Now he primarily enjoys films from the grindhouse era of the 70's and 80's, but holds a soft spot in in his heart for low budget flicks.

7 Responses to “Win a Copy of Excision on Blu-ray Courtesy of Anchor Bay!!!!”

  1. My favorite movie to watch on Halloween is Fade To Black!!

  2. My favorite movie to watch on Halloween? Man! You guys make it really tough on a fellow horror fanatic don’t you?! 😉 Okay, well.. I will have to say that The Exorcist (1973) is definitely one of my favorites! But I will have to admit, from the trailer, that ‘Excision’ may become a new favorite to watch Halloween night, or any night! It looks like it’s downright nasty!! Just the way horror ought to be! I love it!!! I need this in my collection!!! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Gonna have to go with the original HALLOWEEN . . . .

  4. My favorite movie to watch on Halloween is “Nightmare on Elm Street.” It may not be very bloody, but I like the fact that the horror takes place during a time when most people consider to be relaxed and peaceful. The typical “walking into a dark place that I know I shouldn’t be going into” concept was twisted into the “there isn’t a damn thing you can do about this one, because it’s impossible to stay awake forever” nightmare. In this case, people aren’t so much idiots….you can’t change physiology. You will eventually fall asleep…and die.

  5. Halloween 3 is always a good standby, but I like to watch the original My Bloody Valentine around any holiday.

  6. I like to go with the classics… Pet Semetary and The Shining. But if I’m committing to a marathon, I will throw in films like May, The Ruins and now for sure Excision! Got to meet the Director and Star at the premiere in Montreal, they were AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to have a screening at my place!

  7. Original Halloween or The Exorcist!!!

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