Who Likes Bad Jokes and Horror?

Who Likes Bad Jokes and Horror?

Is the answer is you, then I have a treat for you!

It’s called Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1

I got some info on the book from Matt Patterson, the author of the upcoming book. He says that he was inspired by Mad Magazine, Famous Monsters Magazine, and other classic publications of semi-questionable taste. Matt argues that the horror genre is losing its ability to poke fun at itself, and he wanted to spearhead the movement to bring that fun side of horror back, all while allowing the genre to still maintain its impact on modern culture. It is definitely a sweet idea, and the book will be out in September in time for the ZomBcon in Seattle, and of course, Halloween. Now, while he freely admits that some of the jokes in the book made audiences “audibly groan,” Matt also got some laughs as well as he tested these jokes out at Monster Fest this summer.

Not only will the book contain over four hundred monster and horror jokes, but it will be illustrated by Kyle Kaczmarczyk in a manner that combines visual gags, with the jokes already in the book.

I’ve loved Mad Magazine and other such ridiculous publications since I was a kid, and I’m not even going to lie about this, I love ridiculous jokes, bad puns, and absurd sight gags. It’s a weakness. I think this book could be a lot of fun, both for adults who have loved horror for decades, or even as a means to introduce the newest generation to the genre. I’m not sure how “child friendly” the material will be, but I seriously doubt the entire thing will be for adults only. I will be getting a pdf copy, and will share more information then.

I will give you the example that Matt emailed me though.

Why was the Wolfman mad at his HMO?

They wouldn’t pay for his flea dips.

Yeah, I rolled my eyes too. But it’s all in good fun!

Check out the Facebook page for the book: here.

And you can check out Patterson’s official site: here. Yeah, no author pictures in this post because he only has 2 of himself up on here, and they’re protected.

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3 Responses to “Who Likes Bad Jokes and Horror?”

  1. I loved some MAD Magazine as well, I still have an obese collection of issues. I fear that people are forgetting what satire and parody truly are…

  2. I used to like Cracked better… I have no idea why, but every time I read something put out by EC it feels like someone reached into my skull and threw it at a page and called it art (like Basquiat).

  3. Fellas,let’s not forget Crazy Magazine,too!I enjoyed them all.One would fill the gaps of the other,in my humor appetite.
    Comicbooks,cartoons,monster movies,etc.The book has a lot to draw inspiration from.

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