When Legos Meet Horror Legends: Cube Dudes Horror Collection

When Legos Meet Horror Legends: Cube Dudes Horror Collection

This is what happens when you take horror fans, Legos, and countless creativity and lock them in a room for 6 weeks.  Amidst my 5am, can’t sleep, web browsing I came across a phenomenon that I had not been privy to yet.  They’re calling them Cube Dudes and there are TONS of pictures of them out there.  They are small characters from comics, movies, games, TV, you name it, they’ve done it.  Some of them are so detailed yet so small it’s almost mind blowing.  I’ll be honest I was geeking out and just spent the last 2 hours going through page after page of these things going “that’s so cool”.  So if you were like me and loved playing with legos as a kid then feast your eyes on the creative genius that is… CUBE DUDES.

King Kong

V for Vendetta

The Twilight Zone


Ripley from Alien





Norman Bates


Mad Max






Frankenstein’s Monster


Another Dracula

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As a Web & Graphics Designer I have a fascination with all thing arts. Especially the dirtier, grittier side of horror related artwork. I scour the web for the best collections of fan-art, movie posters, and horror genre artists to bring them to you.

4 Responses to “When Legos Meet Horror Legends: Cube Dudes Horror Collection”

  1. awesome… these things are sweet.

  2. These things look pretty good, although I would have liked it more if they were made out of actual Lego people – I think it would have given them more resemblance. Still awesome, though. Freddy looks great, check out those vicious metal claws!

  3. Awe, no Michael Myers?!?

  4. why is there no jigsaw

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