Welcome to the Weekly Bloodlines!

Welcome to the Weekly Bloodlines!

And a belated Happy New Year to you all! The Bloodsprayer has been working through some technical issues lately, but we are finally up and running again! With that in mind, I want to introduce you all to a new weekly column I had in mind, Weekly Bloodlines!  Unfortunately, we don’t have the manpower, time, nor the tools to run the site like a horror movie CNN, but that doesn’t mean we love horror any less than the big guys.  With that in mind, I am hoping to round up some of the horror news and notes that interest us the most, and place them in one convenient spot.


Our top headline so far this year no doubt has to be the return of Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw 3D.  The movie was released on Jan. 4th, and was the #1 movie in the country opening weekend with just under $22 million taken in at the box office.  Well, it now appears that the chain has come loose on the “sequel” as it has dropped to 9th place this weekend taking in a paltry $5.15 million.  Rumor is that Leatherface has still done enough damage that Lionsgate is at least in talks of another chapter sometime in the future.

The trailer for The Last Exorcism Part 2 was let loose on the public as well!  I’m hopeful that this will be one to head out to theaters for when it comes out March 1st.


While horror continues to struggle at the box office it is taking over the airwaves on your boob tube, and Dexter is no doubt one of the biggest genre hits out!  Rumors that the upcoming Season 8 may be it’s last have been floating around for awhile, but a final decision has yet to be announced.  What has been announced though, is that the Season 8 premiere has been moved up from it’s normal September spot to June 30th on Showtime!


Also announced this week is the debut date for Stephen King’s Under the Dome on CBS.  The post-apolcolyptic drama will debut on June 24th!  Look for the official teaser trailer to be released during something called The Super Bowl.

April 19th will be the premiere date for Eli Roth’s new series Hemlock Grove.  The Netflix exclusive program will drop all 13 episodes on day 1.  This one has been very high on my must see list this year!


Also this week is Syfy premiere week, and they are offering a handful of genre related programming.  Tonight kicks off a Monday night triple-header of science fiction and monster shows with the debut of Continuum, followed by the Season 3 premieres of both Being Human (which is a guilty pleasure of mine, though I prefer the UK original) and Lost Girl.  Tomorrow premieres another of my favorites, the makeup reality program Face/Off!  Finally Wednesday goes all paranormal on your ass with the return of Ghost Hunters and another debut, Ghost Mine.

A trailer for the BBC America thriller Ripper Street was also released.  Look for the new crime drama on Saturday, January 19th!


Finally on the television front this week was the dropping of an awesome new poster hyping the return of The Walking Dead this February!

Speaking of The Walking Dead (and transitioning to our final destination) the upcoming first person shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct from Activision will finally hit shelves on March 26th.  Not to be confused with the fantastic digital game that is already out from Telltale Games, Survival Instinct allows you to play as Daryl and Merle in their adventures before meeting up with Rick and the rest of the group outside Atlanta.  Unfortunately, it looks pretty mediocre at best, but judge for yourself.

Also of note for you video game freaks out there (myself included) is this weeks debut of DMC: Devil May Cry.  While not the most horrorific game on the market, there are usually a number of fantastic monsters to hack and slash through so I thought it was worth mentioning.

And that concludes my first Weekly Bloodlines.  Please let me know what you think, what it’s missing.  I realize this week was very television heavy, but it was a good week for horror on television.  Any ideas, comments, or news items to share, please hit me up at mattbloodsprayer@gmail.com.  Till next week….


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