Visiting Forest Green – A Trip to the Friday the 13th Part VI Filming Locations

Visiting Forest Green – A Trip to the Friday the 13th Part VI Filming Locations

I first watched Friday the 13th Part VI when I was about 10 years old and it sparked my infatuation with watching horror movies on video. It was the first of the series I saw and remains a favorite 22 years later. When I was young, I was genuinely terrified of Jason and cringed during each of the many death scenes. The humor was lost on me until a few years later when the initial shock of these movies wore off. While planning a road trip to Atlanta in 2008, I remembered that Jason Lives was filmed within an hour of my destination and I scrambled to find addresses for the locations. It was very exciting to visit where one of the original 8 was lensed.

The exterior of the sheriff’s station where Megan springs Tommy from his jail cell is located just outside of the town square at 1178 Monticello St SW, Covington, GA (33.594796,-83.860405). The town’s historic courthouse is visible in the background. The town square was also used extensively on “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “In the Heat of the Night” television series, and most recently used as downtown Haddonfield in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. The interior of the sheriff’s station was a set built in a former Belk department store on Monticello and Reynolds streets in Covington.

The location of Karloff’s General Store, where Tommy calls Megan to warn her about Jason, was tricky to locate because I didn’t have an address; just a general location. The store is abandoned and in the middle of absolute nowhere. Once I found the correct road, I kept an eye of the left side while my friend did the same on the right. It wasn’t too long before I saw an old red brick building through a break in the trees and turned around the car. It looked similar, but not exactly like the store in the movie. Without the store name and the Coca Cola signs on the front, it looks like any old deteriorating building. I was sure about the authenticity of the building because of the railroad track immediately in front, which is visible in the film. The store is in poor shape as the bricks on the bottom of the building were deteriorating when I was there last in 2009. You can visit this location at 2-40 Old Starrsville Rd, Covington, GA (33.53967,-83.819269).

The focal point of the movie, and the location where the majority of filming took place, is Camp Daniel Morgan (Daniel Morgan Rd, Rutledge, GA)(33.652006,-83.595895) located at Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, GA ( The camp continues to be a functioning group site with 11 cabins and 75 beds, so it is possible to spend vacation time at Camp Forest Green. The cabins look the same as in the movie except they are now painted gray instead of brown. When I visited, the camp was completely empty. And strangely, the doors to the cabins and other buildings were wide open. All the way at the back of the camp is Lake Rutledge which doubled for Crystal Lake during Tommy’s final battle with Jason. Because Camp Daniel Morgan is a functioning camp, you should call the office and ask permission before visiting.

So, that’s it for my trip to the Jason Lives filming locations. I hope this information helps make your visit easy and enjoyable.

If any readers have suggestions for filming locations I should cover or have information on how to get to any locations that are little-known, please let me know!

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  1. Wonderful post! Part VI is one of my fave entries in the series, too. Thanks so much for sharing those pics! 😉

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