Update: Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter

Update: Jason Dark, Ghost Hunter

I recently posted an article about Guido Henkel’s Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter gothic horror series, and I just received an update about it. In order to combat the weak economy, Thunder Peak Publishing has decided to drop the price of the digital multi format of the first volume, Demon’s Night, down to only 99 cents.

Mr. Henkel gave the following reasoning for the decision: “With the re-pricing of the first Jason Dark adventure, we are hoping to open the series up to new readers. With the economy in shambles, every penny counts and we wanted to introduce Jason Dark to eBook readers who might so far have been undecided.”

I actually received an email from Mr. Henkel after my original review, responding to the criticisms that I pointed towards the series. Mr. Henkel had nothing but kind things to say and even went as far as to ask if I had been able to read the more recent Jason Dark tale that was sent to me, From a Watery Grave, and offering to send me a copy of the most recent volume. I admitted that I had not, and promised him that I would. I can appreciate the idea of a new work of fiction having growing pains; and I certainly don’t want to write any author or series off based on reading only a single work.

I read From a Watery Grave, and I have to say Mr. Henkel is quite correct. The clumsy lines and awkward dialogue that detracted from Theater of Vampires had improved immensely, and the story was much more entertaining. What with the plethora of vampires that seems to have plagued our culture recently, I must admit I may have been a little unfair when reading through that volume. From a Watery Grave has cursed treasure, ghosts, thieves, conspiracy, and tall tales all rolled up into a single novella. H.G. Wells has a brief cameo in the story, and the good old Dr. Watson makes another appearance. In all honesty, I am a huge fan of these kinds of crossovers and allusions. If the current volumes keep up the trends that were present in From a Watery Grave, then Jason Dark is definitely well on his way to becoming something not just good, but great.

I also asked Mr. Henkel if there was anything that he would like to share with his fans, and he was kind enough to give me a detailed reply:

“I think one thing that is really dear to my heart is that I feel these stories can be a treasure-trove for genre fans. In your review you mention the reference to Dr. Watson and I am sure you might have noticed others.  In ‘Theater of Vampires,’ for example, Max Schreck is, of course, the name of the actor who played Count Orlock in the classic Nosferatu movie, which makes his character in my story even more interesting, I think. The Duke Theatre really did exist and it burned down during the time that my story plays, and the title itself ‘Theater of Vampires’ is, of course, a nod to Anne Rice’s Vampire chronicles.

Every one of the stories is filled with little gems like that. There are locations and events that are taken right out of history and placed in the context of my stories along with contemporary real-life characters and literary ones. In addition, once in a while readers will even find tiny quote excerpts from some of my favorite bands, like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest hidden in the text – not to mention the big references to people like Sherlock Holmes, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and others. The list is virtually endless and keeps growing with each volume.

To me it makes up a lot of the fun and the intrigue in these stories aside from the actual plot. I think readers will really enjoy the different layers that are in these stories and I would love for them to discuss and share the references they found with others.”

You can check the current Jason Dark releases out here.

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