Brian Lonano of !ROBOT HAND! has just unleashed his latest short The Transmission. An Official Selection of the 14th Boston Underground Film Festival, it played alongside Spookey Ruben’s Puzzleface and a new feature film by Astron-6 ManBorg.

Brian has received several accolades for his work with Attackazoids, Deploy!!, Martian Precursor, and Carny all featuring his unique lo-fi approach to film making that produces a hyper stylized result.

A synopsis for The Transmission:

While a storm rages outside and Henry drinks his bottle of absinthe, he receives a television transmission…from his dead wife.

“The Transmission” – Teaser from !ROBOT HAND! on Vimeo.


Brian’s work always seems to invoke the spirit of No-Budget Sci-Fi Horror done right thanks to the skill and passion poured over it all like red dyed Karo syrup. Be sure to keep an eye out as this short makes its rounds this festival season.

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