Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done one of these! Here’s what you need to know this Tuesday afternoon:

unnamedThere’s some new movies available on the Alternative Cinema online store. You can order the DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the Joe Sarno Retrospect series, which includes classics from the sexploitation filmmaker like Vampire Ecstasy and Sin You Sinners.  There’s also a documentary about him and his wife called A Life in Dirty Movies from Film Movement on ShowTime, Netflix and Amazon streaming, so if you’re a fan, be sure to check that out.

Additionally, Alternative Cinema is celebrating a decade of Pete Chiarella, or 42nd Street Pete, by offering all his DVDs with a discount of $10 off the original price. Check them out here. Also available on the site is A Werewolf in the Amazon. The film by Brazil’s legendary genre director, Ivan Cardoso, is available on DVD for the first time thanks to Camp Motion Pictures and can be ordered here. Make sure you check out more great hard-to-find movies and sales on the Alternative Cinema website! They even do a podcast, which you can listen to here.unnamed-2

Part of the reason why I love horror movies is the fun titles, and this one fits the bill: Massacre on Aisle 12, “slashing everything in store,” is a horror comedy starring Jim Klock (“Scream Queens”), Chad Ridgely (Murder Eleven), Mike Capozzi (“Interrogations Gone Wrong” with Keanu Reeves), and Michael Buonomo. It’ll  have its world premier at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, which is taking place over the first weekend of November and it’s a Christmas horror movie! Take a look at the teaser trailer below:


Here’s the official synopsis:

The bloodshed begins on Christmas Eve. As a hardware store begins to close, a duffel bag of cash is found, but so is a body. Now, the employees must decide what to do with both items.  Should they turn the cash in, or go on a Christmas shopping spree? Events take an even bloodier turn when the employees turn on each other.

Check it out November 4th through 6th!


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I'm a regular contributing writer to this website. I got into horror movies through the sci-fi monster films I watched with my dad as a kid (ex. Aliens) and the extreme amounts of zombie movies I spent a good portion of my college career watching. I absolutely love zombies (obviously), am a sucker for a low budget (or any) monster movie, and adore horror-comedy films. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is one of my favorite books, and I'm still waiting for an actually decent film adaptation to bring that fantastic novel to life. Outside of my life as a horror fan, I'm a writer and editor with dreams of turning my screenplays into movies and a love of wine and murder mysteries.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome write-up on Massacre on Aisle 12. So glad you like the title! Hope you enjoy our fun little horror-comedy.

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