Transylvania Television Reveals the “Real Meanin’ of Halloween”

Transylvania Television Reveals the “Real Meanin’ of Halloween”

Do you find yourself needing something to curb the commercial world’s assault of Christmas-themed crap? Not ready quite yet to let go of October’s festive orange and black? Well, I’ve got you covered with a Halloween Special that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Minnesota-based Transylvania TV is a show that features an eccentric cast of misbegotten monsters who run “an obscure television station deep in the heart of Transylvania.” Though they may be a bunch of misfits and monsters, beware. Call them Muppets and they’re likely to rip out your eyes… or at the very least they’ll crack a “yo-mama” joke that will make you cry.

As a fan of the series since Season One, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness co-creators Gordon Smuder and Michael Heagle’s progress almost from the show’s inception, having grown from a core cast of 5 to an entire castle full of freaks. If you’re a fan of monsters and/or puppets and you haven’t heard of TVTV before now, you’re definitely missing out. Smuder, whose professional talents lie in puppetry and props, brings incredible life to the character of Furry J. Ackermonster while Charles Hubbell, Laszlo Nemesi, Michael Heagle, Amber Greenlee, and Michael Huyck fill out the rest of the cast in all its dysfunctional glory. Though each episode could be considered a standalone adventure, the main plot of the series revolves around the Frankenstein Device, an unpredictable machine that is subsequently being used to power the station’s equally absurd programming.

Currently in it’s third season, TVTV recently premiered it’s first Halloween Special (Real Meanin’ of Halloween Special Show) this past October which has to be one of the coolest specials I’ve seen in some time. Luckily, for those that may have missed it, the special is still available online (see below). Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, the Real Meanin’ of Halloween features an assortment of guest stars that include Godzilla, an ancient Egyptian goddess,  a pickle-obsessed “crypt keeper,”  a rather provocative Pumpkin Prince, and even William Shatner!

For those seeking to go further down the felt-covered rabbit hole, the first two seasons of this independently producted web series is available on DVD. As a bonus for those creatively minded individuals who like to see how everything is done each disc offers an assortment of tips and tricks on everything from set-building to how the puppeteers bring life to their “other selves.” New episodes are also available for FREE online at

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