The Trailer Park Presents: The Shut In Spectacular…Netflix Edition

The Trailer Park Presents: The Shut In Spectacular…Netflix Edition

When you’re forced outta bed at 6 am each day, you fall in love with coffee and you learn to just bury yourself in Netflix.  This could have good and bad results.  Well, instead of digging too far into the semantics of it all, I figured I’d give you a snippet, a trailer, and leave the rest to you.


Dead Before Dawn (Wango Films)-A group of college kids (fresh out of their character stereotype molds) unleash an ancient evil that causes people to become “Zemons”…Zombie Demons.   Pretty standard Canadian horror comedy.  It’s fun and kinda cute.  Christopher LLoyd is in it. He says “Great Scot!”.  Also, the government required appearance by a cast member of Kids In The Hall is fulfilled by the hilarious Kevin McDonald.  If you like Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil, expect to get a kick out of this one as well.


The Seasoning House (Kaleidoscope Film Dist.)-In war torn Eastern Europe (presumably?), there’s a home of where young women are kept as pleasure toys for men or various ill reputes.  Within the house lives a young girl named Angel, a mute who’s been enslaved by the keeper of this vile place, Viktor.  Angel has figured out a way to silently move within the walls of the home in hopes of finding her escape.  She sees her closest friend brutally murdered and knows it’s now or never.  This film was directed by reknowned effects artists Paul Hyett and the quality of gore displays that.  It’s a vicious, unrelenting film that verges further into exploitation territory than the “thriller” it’s tagged as.  The pace is face and the violence is excessive.  While it suffers from some generic story arcs and characters, it’s overall presentation is stellar.  Great movie that’s not for the casual.  If Irreversible and Martyrs are your kinda fun, then you’ll dig this.


Hansel And Gretel Get Baked (Tribeca Film)-What do you get when you cross Hansel & Gretel, tons of Hollywood-inflated Mexican stereotypes, weed, and Lara Flynn Boyle?  You get this.  The title literally sums it up.  It’s a stoner horror comedy with a Carey Elwes appearance and the lovely Molly Quinn (of  Todd And The Bood Of Pure Evil fame) in the lead role.  Ms. Boyle (where the hell has she been??) is very entertaining as the vicious witch.  Overall, pretty ridiculous but a definite score if you fancy yourself a stoner who loves horror…and comedy…and weed…all at once.


How I Live Now (Magnolia Pictures)-Apparently, the novel which the movie is based on is quite popular in the young adult sect.  I had not heard of it, nor the movie, until hearing the film’s director on the WTF Podcast.  Acclaimed documentarian Kevin MacDonald (seriously, check out some of stuff. He’s incredible.) takes the helm and creates a beautiful story about youth & love in the middle of a world war.  There are definitely lots of Hunger Games/Fahrenheit 451/Blade Runner type concepts.  It’s a dystopian society and the characters have only love as a form of hope.  Can’t say enough good things about this one.  Not your run of the mill teen drama.  It’s not for teens. The violence and the concepts within are quite intense, but it makes for a beautiful movie.  Particularly, knowing it’s one I didn’t see coming.  Not what I expected.

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