Trailer for Demon’s Twilight

Trailer for Demon’s Twilight

While this trailer has been floating around for sometime, we have yet to feature it here on The Blood Sprayer and I only thought that it was fitting to post it during Italian Week. While there is not much info on the film and the trailer is in Italian with no subtitles, it was still enough to peak my interest.

Coming from Minerva Pictures Group is Federico Lagna’s look into demonic possession, Demon’s Twilight starring Gabriele Dil Dell’Aiera and Elisa Lombardo.

Official synopsis: A group of university students decides to shoot a documentary about the psychological causes that bring to an apparent demoniac possession. Since theyre not able to find a real case to show, the crew casts in the project a young girl with the perfect profile to play the role, but they all get trapped in a scary game with unforeseen event.

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