Titan Books Opens Dracula’s Coffin With The Hammer Vault

Titan Books Opens Dracula’s Coffin With The Hammer Vault

hammervaultYou can always tell what kind of home you’ve entered into based on 2 things:  What art adorns the walls and what books take up space on their coffee table.  Well, if Marcus Hearn’s latest book, The Hammer Vault,  is spotted on a coffee table then you can count on me sticking around in that house.


I would love to know what's being discussed.

Recently released by Titan Books, The Hammer Vault combines Hearn’s vast knowledge of the British film studio with never-before-seen photos to create the definitive collection of stories and artifacts.  It’s littered with annotated pages from various scripts, poster art that was never used, rare promotional materials, and even private correspondence that took place amongst some of Hammer (and horror’s) most famous names.  Marcus Hearn is the official Hammer film historian, so what you’re getting access to is the best of the best when it comes to this notorious studio’s history.

Hammer is a name synonymous with horror’s rich history.  When we think of actors like Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing, instantaneously our mind shifts towards the classic roles they’re best known for.  Those roles are from Hammer films, always!  So, if you fancy yourself a fan of those films and that era, this book is a must.  You’ll get all the nasty little details you could’ve ever wanted and then some.  The hardbound beauty retails for $34.95 and can be picked up by visiting www.titanbooks.com.


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  1. My favorite! Second to Amicus of course.


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