Time Again (2011) Review

Time Again (2011) Review

Greeting readers. Time for another movie review, and once again we are gonna leave the horror on the back burner.  Today’s movie, Time Again is a science fiction/action flick coming August 21st from Brain Damage Films.  It also marks the directorial debut of Ray Karwel.

Marlo (Angela Rachelle) and Sam (Tara Smoker) are sisters who work together in a diner.  As the movie begins, Sam is coming in to cover Marlo’s shift for her.  Shortly after Marlo leaves we learn that the diner was attacked, and Sam has been taken.  We then jump ahead 6 months, and Marlo hasn’t returned to the diner since the incident.  While walking through a parking lot, she is abducted by Mr. Way (Scott F. Evans).  Mr. Way is the man who attacked the diner looking for his missing coins.  No, he’s not some rabid coin collector, these are magic coins who give people the power to jump into the past.  Marlo is saved by a cop, Detective Lym (John T. Woods) and she runs back to the diner.  There she meets an old woman (Gigi Perreau) who somehow has the magic coins in her possession.  She send’s Marlo back in time to try and save Sam before the diner is attacked.

I must commend Mr. Karwel, for a directorial debut he made an action packed flick.  Time Again starts out quick, and doesn’t let up until the credits role. Numerous gun battles fill up the movies 82 minute run time.  Fans of the cheesy low budget action flicks of the 80’s and 90’s will have a field day with this movie as that is exactly what it feels like.

On a technical standpoint, the movie looks quite well for a low budget action movie.   Like most action flicks, the movie is very bright and colorful and nice to look at.  Special effects are at a bare minimum, I don’t remember any blood spilled on the screen, but there are some cringe-worthy CGI moments.  The fight scenes and acting are both adequate, nothing was really spectacular, nor awful.

On the downside, the science fiction end of things was never really explored.  Time travel is obviously a major part of the movies plot, but wasn’t really touched upon past using it to keep the movie rolling.  Maybe a little something on the origin of the coins or how they work would’ve helped.  Speaking of the plot, huge plot hole in no explanation who the old woman was and why she had possession of the coins to begin with.  I understand leaving some things to wonder about, but it really felt like she was there just because they needed to find a way to send Marlo back in time.  I think having Marlo find the coins on her own after the attempted abduction would’ve worked just as well, except for the fact that she wouldn’t know how to use them (how exactly does one use a magic time travel coin?).  And that ending…in my opinion could’ve used a rewrite.

Definitely an admirable first effort for Ray Karwel, Time Again is a fun action flick.  Though not my cup of tea (this is a horror sight after all) it was entertaining from start to finish.  Some technical limitations and plot issues keep it from being a fantastic flick, but if you love cheesy action movies it is worth a watch.  As always, support independent cinema!

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