Tied In Blood (2012) Review

Tied In Blood (2012) Review

Tied in Blood has been unleashed on the masses this week from Chemical Burn Entertainment.  From first time director Matthew Lawrence, Tied in Blood washes ashore from the United Kingdom, continuing Chemical Burn’s outreach to bring low budget films from across the world to the U.S.  I really enjoy seeing the low budget horror films from other countries because they don’t always rely on the comedy aspect so many domestic movies do.

Robert is a professional medium who has fallen on hard times.  His psychic gifts have been letting him down, and his employer has forced him to resort to phony seances to keep the money rolling in.  One day George Morris walks in, looking for help dealing with a spirit haunting his house.  George believes that the spirit that he is dealing with killed his family in the very house he resides in.  Robert, against his boss’s will, takes the job and wants to do whatever he can to help the obviously frightened man.  When he gets to the haunted house, Robert is not met with a vengeful spirit like he expected, but by the spirits of George’s family who are all trapped in limbo. Robert makes it his mission to listen to the stories of George’s wife, son, and daughter to try and help the family move onto the afterlife.  But to do that, he’ll have to listen to all of the family’s deep, dark secrets.

Tied in Blood is not your typical 2012 horror film.  The movie feels very much like the classic horror films of yesterday that relied on characters and script to give you all the chills.  Gone is the over the top gore and jump scares that we are used to seeing in every movie.  Thankfully, the acting and script are up to the task at hand to keep Tied in Blood from falling flat on it’s face.  All of the actors do an above average job, especially Chris Leach and Laura O’ Donoughue as the brother and sister who really are a little closer than siblings should be.  Like I mentioned above, first time screenwriter David Ross’s script is pretty tight.  It keeps the narrative rolling along without wasting time, and keeps the characters from sounding as annoying as most people do in paranormal movies.  The only major downside with the writing is the obvious “surprise” ending that should be easily figured out within the first twenty minutes.

On the flip side, paranormal movies are not my cup of tea.  As good as the writing and the characters are, I like a little more horror in my horror movies than there was in Tied in Blood.  There is really nothing frightening at all about the movie.  The dark secrets that are revealed are definitely creepy character moments, but that doesn’t make it a scary movie.  Tied in Blood felt like it was a fantastic short horror story (which it would be), made into a mediocre movie.  The few special effects that were used were sub-par.  Cheesy CGI fade ins and outs looked like they were done by a teenager.  And a major thumbs down for that god-awful cover artwork.  It doesn’t fit the pacing and the feel of the movie at all.

Though it may not by my favorite type of movie, Tied in Blood is an adequate low budget flick.  Fans of the old school and paranormal will be more interested in this film, but for those of you looking for a little bite in your horror may want to look elsewhere.

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Matt has been a fan of horror films since his first trip to the video store when he was transfixed by classic vhs cover art. Now he primarily enjoys films from the grindhouse era of the 70's and 80's, but holds a soft spot in in his heart for low budget flicks.

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