Thursday News: Invest in a movie, renew your love for Stanley Kubrick

Thursday News: Invest in a movie, renew your love for Stanley Kubrick

As promised by the title, you can invest in a movie! Producers Ant Timpson and Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League are making The Field Guide to Evil, a horror anthology that is now seeking investors through First Democracy VC. What’s cool about this is you’ll actually be an investor (resume credit or just a cool little detail to impress your crush, you pick) instead of just winning a prize, which is the usual run of things. And the filmmakers were carefully chosen from around the world, hailing from right here in the USA (Calvin Reeder, The Rambler) to Austria (Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala, Goodnight Mommy), Germany (Katrin Gebbe, Nothing Bad Can Happen), Greece (Yannis Veslemes, Norway), India (Ashim Ahluwalia, Miss Lovely), Poland (Agnieszka Smoczynska, The Lure), Turkey (Can Evrenol, Baskin).

Let me interrupt this program to tell you that if you haven’t watched Baskin, you’re missing out. Seriously.

Here’s some quotes:

“Tim League and I have been thinking about a global folklore anthology for a few years now – we’re both fascinated with the rich history in certain countries and how well-told oral folklore has evolved over centuries and across cultures. We loved the idea of approaching filmmakers whom we felt had the perfect sensibility to bring to life dark folklore from their country of origin. The tales won’t be familiar friendly fare that others have mined over the years. The filmmakers will be going down untraveled paths to explore tales that are atmospheric, disturbing, and provocative,” said producer Ant Timpson.

“I am incredibly excited to be launching the first equity crowdfunded feature in the states,” said Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder and The Field Guide to Evil producer Tim League. “This platform has the potential to revolutionize independent film financing and help visionary storytellers realize their dream projects.”

Take a look:

And also from Alamo Drafthouse (and Mondo): it’s a yearlong celebration of filmmaking great Stanley Kubrick! There will be screenings of his movies, as well as related merchandise released throughout the year. Alamo and Mondo have secured the rights to four classics: A Clockwork OrangeFull Metal Jacket2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Shining. A Clockwork Orange will kick off the Kubrick bonanza starting February 21st and will be timed to coincide with Anthony Burgess’s birthday. When you buy a ticket, you’ll also get a commemorative T-shirt. Check out the other merchandise here. For tickets, go here.

unnamed (3)And finally: Danielle Harris fans, rejoice! Her new film Havenhurst will be available to watch in select theaters and nationwide on VOD on February 10th. It also stars Julie Benz, Fionnula Flannagan (Little Secret, “Defiance”, “Lost”), Belle Shouse (“Secrets and Lies”, A Million Ways to Die in the West), Josh Stamberg (“The Affair”, “Parenthood”), Toby Huss (Big Bear, “Halt and Catch Fire”), Jennifer Blanc (Among Friends, Good Family Times), Matt Lasky (The Purge: Anarchy), and Douglas Tait (“Jack The Reaper”, “The Quest”), and it was directed by Andrew C. Erin.

Because they get a lot of the good movie stuff first, the film will debut in LA at Laemmle Music Hall. It’ll also do weeklong runs in San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, and Phoenix.

Here’s the synopsis and trailer:

Jackie (Benz), a troubled young woman struggling with addiction, is released from rehab and given a unnamed (2)second chance with a new job and a furnished apartment at Havenhurst. Guilt-ridden over the loss of her 8-year-old daughter, Jackie is quickly drawn into the mysteries of Havenhurst, in particular the disappearance of apartment 1006’s previous lost soul, a young woman (Harris) she befriended in rehab who vanished without a trace.  
Aided by a hardened New York police detective (Stamberg) and a lonely foster child (Shouse) who lives under the sadistic shadow of her caretakers, Jackie must not only battle her inner demons… but the very real ones that live within the walls of Havenhurst.

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