“There Goes Da Neighborhood” – The New Black Devil Doll Sitcom!

“There Goes Da Neighborhood” – The New Black Devil Doll Sitcom!

Its been a little less than a business week since Rotten Cotton’s own Shawn Lewis unleashed the news about the infamous perverted Black  Devil Doll, Mubia Abu-Jama,  coming back to the screen in his very own 80s inspired TV Sitcom. Today it was officially announced that the title of the nefarious show will be “There Goes Da Neighborhood”!

Here is an excerpt from the Official Press Release sent via the Rotten Cotton Newsletter and the Official Rotten Cotton Blog:

“Four days in to our Indiegogo campaign and we have our first update! We know you guys are wondering what the hell this thing is all about; Black Devil Doll, TV, sitcom….WTF? Well, as much as we wanted to keep you guys in the dark and have it be a surprise, we just couldn’t keep this to ourselves any longer, so here is the official title of the series…”

There Goes Da Neighborhood TV Logo

Go here and support, lets get this done!: INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN

Also visit and like the official There Goes Da Neighborhood  Facebook page too! Like it and spread the word!

Need some convincing as to why you should give your money to Shawn Lewis and Mubia Abu-Jama? Check out this cool article regarding The “PERKS” of giving your money to the Black Devil Doll! See what’s in store for you with your very own donations!

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