There Are All Kinds of Opportunities When THE SKY HAS FALLEN

There Are All Kinds of Opportunities When THE SKY HAS FALLEN

Director Doug Roos is taking a new and unique approach to financing the promotion of his feature film THE SKY HAS FALLEN. His idea to compete in the larger arena of studio releases is to appeal to you, the fan, as the ones willing to put your dollar behind his vision.

Doug has this to say about the project and his intentions:

“The Sky Has Fallen” has won Best Horror Feature at the 2009 Freak Show Horror Film Festival, and has won Best Feature at the 2009 International Indie Gathering Film Festival. Now, we’re trying to raise money so we can really get it out there and promote it (one of the hardest parts of being an indie). In exchange, people can get their name in the credits as an Associate Producer or Co-Producer (with an page), they can get a signed DVD, poster, t-shirt, or a 2-hour making-of documentary. They can even grab a cameo or a trip to Shanghai, China. It’s an all-or-nothing campaign though so we’ve got to raise all of our goal by the deadline.

To hold a firmer grasp of what he’s asking, all it takes is a viewing of his video submission to Kick Starter. This site is a new media platform for artists, musicians, and filmmakers to follow, and most importantly, fund creativity.

Here’s the UNRATED Trailer for THE SKY HAS FALLEN

Click here for a fight scene from the film to showcase exactly what you have the opportunity to support through your patronage and investment.

You can purchase the DVD of THE SKY HAS FALLEN by clicking here or through by clicking here though Amazon is charging a bit more in cost.

With a simple pledge of $10, you receive a copy of the festival screener that will be discontinued once the film is re-released through you, the investors, with a theatrical run. That means your copy of the film will instantly become a rare collector’s item and your name will be listed on a Special Thanks page of the movie’s website. The more you pledge the more cool items and opportunities arise to become engulfed in this film, including cameos, executive treatment, and a chance to meet the filmmakers. It’s not everyday you have the chance to be this close to a horror film.

Click here to be taken to the Official THE SKY HAS FALLEN Film Site.

Click here to receive updates via the SKY HAS FALLEN Face Book Group and click here to follow their Twitter account.

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